October 13, 2016


A Body + Code Falls Apart in Black + White + Color…

Hello dear readers…. I’m still on my template trek back to you. I’m close now, close enough to see the lights of your abode but poor Thunder. I ran out of Cheerios! He doesn’t mind marshmallow jack o’ lanterns from Sees Candy tho so we’re moving right along!


lovely shot of the vines at harvest


I hate to ask again but… Please try to leave a comment and/or subscribe over there–Country Woman Studio. The subscribe link should work and send you a confirmation.  I think I’ve fixed that too but cannot tell. It won’t let ME subscribe, I guess because I am the blogger causing all the problem!!

Apologies to my wonderful friends who did leave me comments on my cowgirl travelogue post. Or tried to subscribe. About half were successful from what you said in your comments. But I’m afraid they landed on the photography page.  I couldn’t figure out how to move them, but haven’t given up yet. As are those who know a whole lot more than I do. So they will show up if I have anything to say about it. They were in the right place and I replied to everyone… Imagine my surprise! 🙂

Bone Swept - watercolor pencil drawing

Bone Swept


I’m still working on this fabulous idea I had… a website with the freedom to sell my work. It’s taking me much much longer and of course, no paint is flowing along. Patience, my dear. I’ve got some help from the template designer that evidently, I need! Ya’ think?  In the meantime, I figured out quite a lot. Necessity is the mother of invention I suppose!

Some doodles that became much more. A repost that is just as relevant today. Telling the heart’s pain in colors piled upon one another. A ball of wet hue, a color illustration.

© country woman paints - heart soul

Painting is nothing more than bleeding on the canvas.  ~Andrew Hamilton


October 11, 2016


I Moved HERE! Country Woman Studio


L’Adelaide + Thunder with Cheerios

Gone Cowgirl Shopkeeper

The time has come to break down this country woman’s campsite, kick the embers aside, load my saddle bags onto my faithful steed, Thunder, along with his cheerios snacks. I’m off for greener pastures …. my very own website!!
*Country Woman Studio*


I’m up and running on my new site now.
Come watch me fumble along in my illiterate website building. It’s a thrill almost everyday I add something new or something else breaks.
What fun is that!? I’m already a bit nuts, so what is the best thing to do?
You guessed it!

My new site is here:

In fact, you can visit me and watch me fumble along in my crazy, OCD website-building illiteracy. What fun is that!?

Be sure and say hello so I can find out if I did that comment thingie right, OK?

Just a little crazy because I want my own online store!

Creating a website from scratch will try your  my sanity!  It won’t be fancy but it’s mine. This was my reasoning…. I want to make a store. That’s all…. I’ve tried sites that sell your art prints (NOT my original work) but you hardly make anything, they mark up the prices too high (shockingly) and they take a whole lot of it and help you exactly not at all.

The newest is they want HUGE photo files so they can make HUGE things with the images like duvet covers, shower curtains, list is very long. They are creative with the artists’ work. Trouble is the artist doesn’t make anything over the gross price of their lowly print.
Really? I don’t think so. And ArtSpan charges $200 a year for the privilege. Last year’s price….

I have original paintings available now as well as archival giclee prints and fine art photography from Farmer. I will matte them for you for a minimal amount. I will also be selling a few vintage items from our barns + surroundings! I will ship your treasures perfectly + you can return for a complete refund if you aren’t happy.  what?



Be the first to know + Subscribe!

PLEASE SIGN UP for my newsletter, SUBSCRIBE, etc.  Certainly you still want to be “The First to Know.”  I hope some of my artist friends might join me from time to time, to both blog and sell their work!  I can think of a dozen right now so start hiding!

As for the photography, Farmer is a photographer by hobby and captured some great photos of the ’16 harvest, the ranch at dawn, sunrise thru the fog (my particular fave) and that “great hole” of a farm pond.


I really had to get my rear in gear. Farming and this “getting old” thing isn’t for sissies! Not to mention the vines, aging car, pickup, paint job, work boots, hair highlights, holidaze (feeling Scroogy)!

Have I had a lot to learn? They say it keeps your brain limber. Mine can do yoga now. You simply need the ability to never sleep with an OCD bent.

I’ve spent about $200 including $59 for this very spiffy template “Tuulikki” and 3 year hosting, security, Google web fonts(600+), stats, etc., related posts and many goodies I can’t recall right now. Most importantly,  the ecommerce ability i.e. those

Do you know how impossibly difficult it is to have shopping carts on a website?!  Oh my… talk about security issues! But done! SHOPPING CARTS!!!!

Meaning you can use your credit card without fearing for your security, stealing or hacking.

I. Did. It.
Just a little proud of myself…



I Could Eat Color – I Have Synesthesia

am friends with a lovely blogger and artist named Sarah. Recently she posted an excellent Synesthesia article to her blog, First Night Designs, with a link to the original Neuroscience News report, here.

Synesthesia + Me

I have synesthesia but only learned a few years ago it was called synesthesia.  I had never thought much about my need for {certain} colors in my life or my art. I did know that certain colors made me physically ill but didn’t everyone feel that way? I didn’t talk about it because why? I had no idea I was different. At least not in “that” way-other ways, well…

I Taste Color

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September 16, 2016


Inspirations of the Summer Garden

Beautiful Victor Hugo Quote~
A Garden

A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”

~ Victor Hugo

Garden in Late Summer

Garden Corner in Late Summer

Crape Myrtles do nothing most of the time. But once summer is at it’s height and just beginning to slide, they decide it’s time to glow… literally glow in my garden.

They sit back by the oaks, next to my crochet Mexican swing and have interspersed themselves impetuously around the garden, like it or not! Some are bushes like these and others seem to want to be trees. Either way I much appreciate their luscious red beauty about now when most everything has succumbed to the heat of the day!

Next to these are blue salvia, Mexican Bog Sage to be specific. Don’t plant it unless you never want to be rid of the stuff!

And always there’s a pot of flowers or five… This one is a beauty and admittedly fat and fragrant from my nursery not my green thumbs….  Continue Reading


Pema Chodron, Living + Dying

An inspiring human being… I can hardly believe she’s 80 years young!


rainbow buddhas-watercolor painting by ©CountryWomanPaints, L'Adelaide

Rainbow Buddhas, watercolor+watercolor pencil by las

“All the really good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow.” Grant Wood

©2007-2016 by L’Adelaide-CountryWomanPaints. All rights reserved.

acrylic painting

September 2, 2016


Oak Trees Reach

The trees reach down as Mother Earth offers cooling water trickling from deep below.

Oak tree

The inspiration for my Rainbow Oak painting.


Ancient Rainbow Oak – Acrylic on Canvas 36in ©2014 las