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Deer Bones

One spring day, I was walking in the 40 acre wood.
One never knows what is hiding amongst the trees, the fallen leaves.
Treasures abound.

Deer bones are not treasures of the usual sort,
like antique playground equipment or a teacup.
Deer bones are reminders.

Deer Bones

This creature no longer walks amidst the trees.
Not seen as she passed by,
I prepared my morning tea.
I will never see her graze the meadow.
Her fawn was close behind.


Deer Bones

A ribcage. Brown fur. A front leg bone. One hoof.
All slowly sinking into a forest floor.
The single certainty in life is death.

All living beings share the path of suffering.
It is the lama’s whack upside my head.
The master’s thin stick if my koan is unanswered.
My heart knows as my small mind stops beating.

Bones… Fur… One tiny hoof.
A whack.
Realization if you are wise.
You are not what you appear to be.

I receive many whacks.
I am stubborn as a mule.
226 images of my jagged spine is my lama’s shoe.
Those shadowy bones are inside of me.
Someday my skin bag will disappear.
I will sink into a forest floor.

Thus I tread my well-worn path.
Seeking my heart treasure within,
This skin bag holds no purpose alone.
One day the seeker appears.

moon woman

In a mirror I glimpse the moon.
The moon is not there.
My heart sees the sky and the moon is shining.


Deer Bones

©2007-2016 Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “Bone Gazing

  1. susancrow says:

    I read this a few minutes ago and then left to look at one of my books for something only vaguely remembered:

    ‘Death is natural. Nothing natural can be detrimental. Death is rest. Rest is strength in disguise for a further adventure.    
    At the present state of human evolution, to conquer Death may be an impossibility. But to overcome the fear of death is not only practicability, but inevitability.  
    Death is normally the sign that the soul, under the particular circumstances, has exhausted the possibilities of its progress in a particular body.’
    Sri Chinmoy from Eternity’s Breath

    This was a lovely and tender post to read this morning. I hope you are feeling well.


    1. hi susan,
      this is beautiful. thank you so much for being there for me.


  2. Ron says:

    Good morning dear Linda~

    Wow, what raw, powerful and truthful reminders you share with your photos and words.

    “Realization if you are wise.
    You are not what you appear to be.

    This skin bag holds no purpose alone.

    All living beings share the path of suffering.”

    You’re so right. So right.

    What a beautiful photo of the fawn. I adore deer. When you look into their eyes, you can’t help but see the wisdom they contain. Truly amazing creatures, because they possess both gentleness and strength.

    “In a mirror I glimpse the moon.
    The moon is not there.
    My heart sees the sky and the moon is shining.”

    (((( You ))))

    Thank you for sharing this post today, Linda.



    1. dear ron,
      apologies i am late but am not feeling well…the old body is falling apart. i know you love deer. i am glad you enjoyed the post even if it was mostly of the bones. they are beautiful in their ways.

      thanks for always stopping by, my friend. xoxo


  3. Mel says:

    Mortality weaves in and out of our consciousness–eluding us as we delude ourselves…..and then there are bones, being swallowed by earth, reminding us of what was and is…..

    Yes, mortality IS a piece in this thing called life……but so is living and loving, eh?

    I feel sad for the fawn…..and concerned…..for you…….cuz I can be.

    *HUGE hugs*

    Thinking of you……


    1. my dear mel,
      do not worry about me. i have lots of support here on my end. i will come out of this like i always do. pain and illness are not new to me. i am hoping you liked the post and it didn’t bring you down. your words are wise.

      much lovexoxoxo


  4. gypsy says:

    far too long since i’ve been over this way into the beautiful and mystical and magical land of sonoma words and colors – another beautifully done post, lovelylinda! thanks so very very much for keeping in touch – much love – gypsy


  5. really great blog
    thank you for share it for us!


  6. artclubblog says:

    What a pleasure it’s been wandering through your blog. Just lovely!


  7. Powerful music, poetry, art-well done.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      thank you elena… very kind of you to leave me your thoughts. much love xo


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