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fog+big tree
hot air balloon

big yellow balloon blue sky

Seeing these enormous colorful orbs hanging in the sky in front of my kitchen window always amazes me! They are so BIG!

photo yellow hot air balloon in blue skyI imagine most of you seeing this lovely yellow balloon do not realize how cold it is riding in that wicker basket. Just beyond those hills is the Pacific Ocean. If you were at the beach, you’d be shrouded in cold, wet fog.

If you impetuously went swimming, you’d need a wetsuit unless you were sucked under and drowned in the undertow. Either way you’d turn blue. If you managed to get splashed from the erratic crashing waves in your walk along the rocky beach, you’d hope to strip off those icy clothes and don your long underwear, faux-fur hat, wool socks, puffy down jacket, ear muffs, ski pants and Icelandic wool sweater (all of which you remembered to pack along unless you’re a tourist!). Or better yet, you’d return to your car, crank up the heater and leave!

There’s a reason you don’t see many photos of the ocean on my blog. I happen to like the sunshine and hardly ever go out there!

These lovelies wouldn’t be doing this at Point Reyes National Seashore!

nude old couple splashing in waves

So 1500 feet up in the cold damp wind, you dangle in a large wicker basket with a blast furnace in the center. You see bellowing black beasts circling below as you drift ever closer to rock-strewn fields, trees and canyons. Cows are especially excited with romping calves beside them and loudly trumpet for others to come and enjoy the spectacle.

cow marauders

You begin to regret spending $2000{?} for your balloon ride as gale force winds force a crash-landing into the rocky hillside. The bellowing black beasts seem hellbent on eating you. You’ll have to wait in anticipation. It’s an unknown until your wicker basket hits the ground, dumping you at the edge of a ravine as cows happily cavort after you rolling over the cliff’s edge.

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser – in case you thought optimism was dead.

Robert Brault

22 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Crashes into Rabid Cow Herd

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Rabid cows… Not good cows scare the hell out if me.. Those big empty brown eyes just looking at you… Spooky.. I grew up on a farm the cows and I didn’t get along.

    1. yes, they’re big and capable of the most despicable acts. nasty creatures, i have no idea why i even allow them to eat my grass….maybe to scare the balloonists? 🙂

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    ooooo scary Linda — be careful of these cows ~ pleeeaaassseee ! xxoo Love to you dear friend. I hope you are feeling better — I’m having typing challenges too –think my scalenes are crushing my brachial plexus — not good. Sending hugs ~R

    1. oh dear robyn my love, i am not up there..i am too sane for that[that’s saying something…] this is what i see each weekend as they fly around here from over in napa. usually take a photo or two hoping to capture and downed one. so far no…but no way, i’m afraid of heights and not much else. 🙂 have a good night, my dear robyn and hoping you are feeling better soon-that sounds awful. i am off to the doc for emergency visit myself. i cannot breathe and am tired of not getting enough air. xoxox

  3. Robyn Lee says:

    Thank goodness – you are safe on ground — no rabid cows near you – – whew! Good luck with medical — bronchitis still? I hope resolves very soon — I’m having respiration issues but it’s these neck muscles in front — and ribs — If it’s the lungs for you maybe inhaler of steroids to calm residual inflammation? I hate steroids to tears but in some cases needed. Keep me posted… xxooo

    1. Robyn Lee says:

      Hi Linda ..Yes – I am also aware of mcs issues — me too sensitive to almost every chemical and medication. It has been a nightmare to have so many surgeries this way. Nobody understands. I also hate what steroids do to me … It’s as though they set my nervous system on fire. Just having them injected in my joint will set me into a frenzy for 3 months. I may still be dealing with that now as had one in November. Sorry thought I read you say bronchitis somewhere – but can be getting mixed up with reading so many blog posts… Fibro was my first diagnosis back in 1994. I did not respond to any of the cocktails they usually use to help treat. Then my rheumy decided I have chronic myofascial pain syndrome… which I do fit to a T but my hypothesis is that I have the myofascial pain (trigger points body-wide that shorten muscle bands and cause tug-of -war sensation in various joint systems) … because there is the hip dysplasia and a constant compensating of my muscles and ligaments to hold me in place. I’m super loose jointed — like a barbie that you can pop shoulder or hip out without much effort 😦 ~ so this is what I will be working on with this rehab doctor in Chicago next month. Supposedly he has training methods to basically retrain me to move in every way. He understands joint centration and respiration patterns and functional movment – so if I’m not too far gone – maybe can learn some tricks. The docs keep warning me that although I can try total hip replacement -I’m not very arthritic and for the shallow sockets – it’s not proven to be any guaranteed fix. If I was 20 when diagnosed with hip dysplasia they would reconstruct my entire pelvis and build me new hip sockets taking bone from other parts of me… but that surgery (periacetabular osteotomy) is not offered to patients past 40 which I am … and to be honest – it’s a hell surgery to recover from (especially sans narcotic). That was a lot — oh and the ribs – you are right — I have no doubt my chest muscles are very unhappy given my history of surgeries for the breast cancer… I’m hoping this rehab doc in Chicago can have a more holistic approach to treat the whole body — which seems his system. Everything effects everything. Ok – I’m shutting up now … but want you to know I appreciate your caring nature — and so hope this glutathione inhaler is effective for you. I so understand the ins and outs of this kind of pain and the challenges it poses. The paint — oh I hope you can do that without flare… You are a champion Linda — really! xxoo

      1. Robyn Lee says:

        ps: have to agree – 1st photo rocks!! gorgeous capture Linda 🙂 x

        1. robyn, i am sorry you are in such pain and i’m sure that the cancer surgeries are to blame and you mention myofascial pain that can happen between the joints of the rib cage, sternum, spine joints as well. not just big muscles go into spasm. 😦 i am being treated for the trigger point/myofascial scarring and pain but so far have not had much success. it requires so much from our own bodies to “hold”, not consciously but just to naturally begin to adopt but so far i haven’t had much luck with that. hoping to because i am finding my PT to be very triggering due to my past abuse issues. i am one merry go round. and that’s how i feel some days. i am so sick of being sick and see no end to it since nobody gets younger that i know of. i hope your rehab doc can help you. i think i wouldn’t make the trip until i KNEW he was of an integrative, holistic mind bent with your issues with meds/chemical sensitivities. he could spray you with some numbing agent and send you into asthma. i am sure you’ve thought of this…sorry, i’ve just been thru the ringer with dozens of bad docs thru the years. i don’t trust any of them excepting the one that i’ve known for over 20 years.

          while i haven’t been able to gather the energy to climb the stairs to my studio, i am watercoloring in the bedroom so i am fine with it for now. my studio makes me sick…sadly … i just HAVE to recover even if it means buying $5000 worth of air purifiers! i’ve recently bought my first IQair-$900+, fab machine but need another for the great room and now another for the studio… ah well, we’ll see. maybe we’ll have another bumper crop of grapes…knocking wood on that one. 🙂 xoxoxo

          1. Robyn Lee says:

            Have been through a lot with the myofascial pain (10 years of injections with a phsyiatrist etc)… own Janet Travells 2 huge red medical texts and know every muscle and where it refers pain… constantly treating myself with self-body-work – theracanes and balls all over the house — 2 massage tables here etc. It’s insanity. So yes – -know even between the ribs (intercostals) these little devils hang out — I work them in my sleep (my poor fingers … i know). I am sure my body does not like having b implants … little did I realize that they would pull my pec muscles forward and alter my shoulder posture. Plastic surgeons don’t seem concerned when you question them about how their reconstruction might effect a chronic pain syndrome… believe me I did ask. I didn’t even mention to you — but also was talked into silicone variety – and can’t even imagine how that can be impacting me given all the hype about autoimmune and silicone. My anas are ok though – and no clear cut sign of chemical reaction – I think it’s all about the muscles.

            Oh…. The rehab doc is actually not an md – but a chiro but does not practice chiropractic medicine either as I could NEVER be adjusted (to unstable) … He has devoted his career to the physical rehab methods ~ more on the order of a specialized physical therapist… he also trains athletic trainers — but teaches the patient how to alter movement patterns in order to hold their joints in the sockets and reduce stress on the ligaments – and damage – and PAIN. I hope I’m not too far gone for his methods. I’ve been following his work for a few years now… he will work with me one on one in a gym setting 4 or 5 days a week. This is after my assessment and if he thinks he can help. But I soooo know what you meant about these docs who want to turn the room over and collect their fee. I’ve been to hundreds of them and refuse to believe in magic where medicine is concerned at this point. — I too a merry-go-round … why have some of us been dealt this awful hand I will never ever know. Oh — do hope you can get the next IQuair (expensive)… will pray for grapes…

            xxoo Night sweet friend ~R

            1. dear one,
              those implants… i cannot imagine anything more triggering to your body than silicone encased in plastic implants!! i know they do this now as a matter of course because “it’s better for the musculature” or some such nonsense(sis in law going thru it now! she’s pushing 70!!!!!) personally i do not agree with the practice. but as a woman i understand as well. i am all for the fake ones tho. since you have obvious MCS your body is going to always be reacting to the “perceived” invasions and i cannot help but wonder if these implants don’t trigger the response. however i would never want to speak for another. perhaps a consult with a good doc who understands these things-integrative/holistic type.

              my doc is brilliant and nationally known as expert in these things. he does phone consults. i wouldn’t hesitate to give you his details or link for you to check out. just another bit of info for you to think over. he might be aware of the chiro you will be seeing but not sure. he’s so busy, he asked ME to send him links regarding cannabis suppositories and something else i don’t remember right now. 🙂 i am considering the supp. for pain as this pathway is less likely to trigger psycho-problems while still calming body issues and reactivity.

              we’ll see… basically you warm the weed in a hard oil like coconut oil and after it turns green from the extraction of the properties you need, you put into a form for the little guys. hahaha, i really laughed at that one as i have no idea and he suggested MICHAELS! so not up on EVERYTHING! 🙂

              anyway you know more than i as i read this you have done it, been there already. TWO massage tables? i don’t have one yet but am considering it if i can get my myfascial trigger point PT to come up here… so far she doesn’t have time but we’ll see. getting to my home from town involves a very bumpy ride so it undoes all the PT(2hrs) we’ve done as well as the good results we get. sighs……

              it’s a process and involves lots of escapes hence i need to paint, walk, get outside and be in the sun. unless it’s smoggy, sometimes invisible whatevers in the air and i start coughing. geez, i’m tired of this.


          2. Robyn Lee says:

            yes I know Linda … could easily blame silicone poisoning but — had lots of these issues at least 5 years prior to the cancer… so?? Already had rib pain and lumbar locking and pain etc. I’m sure they are not helping me though … and know for a fact one of my muscles was made myopathic in the surgery (serratus anteior muscle which holds scapular secure on chest wall)… so it’s a mess – and so complex I wish I could spin around and make it all go away. My instinct is that it is mostly a biomechanical problem with them… more than chemical. Though can’t rule out anything for sure. Breathing is just so darn hard when there is something scarred down over the ribs…. but then look at all the women who do fine with them? Obviously I was predisposed to issues.

            So interesting on the pot suppositories! Wonder how would work in this body. I have awful reactions to smoking or eating the stuff… have tried even post-up since could not take pain med — and hoped could be the answer — no go — I was in more pain than ever and horribly paranoid and anxious. Not fun…

            I know what you mean about undoing PT ~ I have that when I leave my community and travel 2+ hours to NYC … by the time I’m home I loose most benefit or even feel set-back. That is why I’m hoping the Chicago set-up might be good. One on one close by and daily contact. The chiro – trainer guy’s wife does myofascial release massage (and visceral manipulation too) … so maybe will be a good combo. If it is not my answer – I guess I’m back to mainstream surgeons for analysis and counsel – but so want to avoid that.

            Yes – so important to get air and sun. This is why these last 2 years have been so hard for me. The walking has gone from painful but doable and usually helpful – to much worse painful and less doable and usually harmful. I dragged myself to the wildlife refuge today — but you are right – never know what allergens are lurking and then it’s a whole other ill that we face.

            so tired of it too ~ let’s just heal!!!

            xxxooo Love to you R

            1. dear robyn,
              it’s late and i should try and sleep…i rarely do and hate it i have to use ambien. was going off but decided sleep was more important-15yrs on it for me. i have thought about you all day. your situation is so complex, i hope you have a good team behind you. i have a feeling you do. you seem to know everything there is to know about your case and lots more besides. i am sure this chiro is good and you are right to go and spend each day for awhile-a week? with him just focusing on that.

              i hurt for you that you had to have such invasive surgeries and just cannot imagine the pain you endure. you must be using other meds to help you … ambien for sure, benzo and neurontin type too probably for nerve pain. list goes on. i suppose you are on antidepressant as you must get down over all this. poor dear, i wish i could be of more help. i am not much in this area as i am blessed to not have had at least this curse placed on my head.

              my doctor informed me last night i am now malnourished and since my diet is not huge but good when i DO eat, with the scarring from both the UC and the celiac, my body is not absorbing my food as it could. i take vitamins and eat everything i am supposed to but am so exhausted, i have no appetite nor energy to cook. i have eaten rice and lentils three nights in a row because i have been too sick and husband has been too busy. his beans didn’t come out right. 🙂 oh well, tomorrow i drag out the juicer-well vitamix is on the counter! i just never eat. i am rarely hungry and look like hell frankly. at least i think i do. fashionably thin perhaps …. i am sorry you cannot walk like you were but hear you since i cannot go upstairs to paint. i am now painting and basically living in bedroom with air on. painting with watercolors a big stand of trees i will put on the blog in a day or two.

              yes, let’s just heal….. i am so tired of this i cannot even begin and it’s costing me a fortune besides, another thing that is part of these chronic illnesses. we have to use the non-mainstream docs, etc., whom i prefer but it’s expensive here and i am sure there too. oh well, what else is it for if not to use for healing.

              i will not give up and go back to mainstream as first off would be my 3rd back surgery and it’s a no-go for me. L5-S1 is blowing but too bad…. i’ve had surgery there once already so it can blow all it wants as long as i can walk. it’s the problems in my hips that are driving me nuts and not being able to breathe… those two things and now malnutrition…. goodie, i wonder what’s coming for that…going on monday to have IV of mag. meyer’s cocktail of vits, etc and toradol for inflammation. it holds me for a day or sometimes up to three. we’ll see. i need to talk to him more and see what tests he wants for my nutrition/diet/whacked out body problems….not to mention acupuncture for depression and breathing and pain from coughing. getting cough syrup w/codeine-should help until it bothers me and and glutathione inhaler is being compounded as i cannot do the steroid one. we’ll see.

              i should start a private blog and we can talk just our health problems….this is a whole comment and i forget i am publishing it but also know no one is going to read all this stuff unless they need to, right? maybe it will help someone is my hope.

              sleep peacefully my dear robyn… i send you healing thoughts on the wind. xoxo

  4. Ron says:

    Good evening, dear Linda~

    Okay, that first photo is so totally faaaaaaaabulous that it could be on the front cover of a travel magazine.

    HOLY COW! (and no pun intended) That photo ROCKS!!!!!!! I love the misty mountain tops in the background. You live in such a lovely area.

    It’s funny, even though I’m not too keen on heights, I’ve always wanted to try a hot air balloon ride. People who have taken them shared that you don’t mind the height because the balloon travels very slowly. Like floating!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Hope you’re feeling better!

    I sent you and several other blogging friends of mine a lot of Reiki this week. Hope you’re feeling it!

    (((((((((((( You )))))))))))))


    1. hi ron-thanks for the Reiki! i am not doing better but not worse, even more important.

      love you and thanks for liking the photo. just happened, guaranteed!!! well, it’s still way up there so no thanks on my end and i’ve seen them come down rather fast … i’m not exaggerating in this post!! 🙂

  5. Mel says:

    (((((((((( Linda ))))))))))

    Well, shoot–I do hope you’ll be feeling better in short order.
    And I hope to SHOUT I wouldn’t be in that balloon!
    No, I’m not afraid of heigths–I’m just smart like that. *laughing*
    Oh, but they are beautiful as they magically float in the blue skies.
    And what magnificent photos of them you managed. Before the cows at ’em, no doubt–or maybe that’s after and the balloon’s basket is empty? 😉
    I LIKE cows. Bit moo-dy (pun intended), they’re oafs and silly most times. NOT that they can’t be meanspirited on occasion……bit like I can be, methinks.
    Oh yes……..I used to milk ’em–lovely things.
    Okay, wait……remind me why I like cows? LOL

    Feel better!
    And pass on a trip to the beach unless it’s to photograph it from a nice warm place overlooking the waters with a excellent cuppa coffee in hand!
    Ron’ll buy! LOL

    1. you and my husband both on the cow-milking past….loved it so much at 3am! glad you liked the photos but i’m with you. never want to go up in one of those.

      geez i hope i feel better soon too…this is getting to be ridiculous and i am looking like a scare crow or something worse. i need someone to stuff something into me… something about not having an appetite and shortness of breath goes together but i feel so awful, who is hungry?

      how’s the leg?? hoping you are getting well and all healed up. ! xxx

      1. Mel says:

        Oh, dearheart–in the big scope of things, this is just a silly nuisance. I’ve had bigger battles–
        And as I’m told over and over again, hunger isn’t required for one to eat! Fuel for the body TO do what it needs to do–though some moments my body revolts and I agree with it. :-/
        Bits here and there, even if you don’t wanna. Kinda essential for the healing to happen, yaknow?

        Hang in there. Bit by bit, day by day……moment to moment if you need to.
        I KNOW sometimes it feels like it ain’t NEVER gonna pass. But day by day, bit by bit–things do get different.
        I’m going to vote for BETTER!
        And I do hope things get better for you. SOON.

        1. good morning lovely mel,
          so glad it’s just a silly nuisance… and i’m sure you are healing every second. bits here and there, yes, but i tend to grab a sweet! i should grab a brocoli flower!!!! thank you, sweets, and i appreciate your good juju you are sending me. i do feel better today, have no idea why either. probably because i saw doc last night and so feel like SOMEONE is in control other than me. i am so tired of this……. my fingernails are coming away from the nail bed, a sure sign of malnutrition so we are onto another thing to nail down. MORE poopoo tests, etc. it’s OK but we’ve done leaky gut, etc., so unless the celiac is much much worse than we thought, i’m not sure what he’s looking for. i just know it’s kind of scary to see my nails go so weird on me. toenails doing the same weirdness but they’re curling into my toe tips!! do you believe that?! well i don’t…….. sigh. xoxox

  6. susancrow says:

    Do people really pat $2k to ride in a balloon? No wonder the cows laugh at them.

    Yes, as everyone has said, the photograph is amazing.

    1. susan i know it’s quite expensive but don’t know the exact amount…each one is different. it’s in the thousands if they do the whole way around like they do… probably about $1k per person. isn’t that silly? and no wonder is right… that capture was one of the lucky ones out of the dozens. a zoom one too, that never works for me. much love sweet susan. xoxox

  7. gfid says:

    i’ll add myself to your list of photo admirers. we get the balloons here too (during our very short summer) – so lovely to look at, but i’ve never been in one. mentioned to an acquaintance @ a business luncheon once that i’d love to try it, and she promptly told me her horrific story of crashing in a balloon – her one and only ride, i believe. uncounted broken bones, including both arms and legs, months of rehabilitation. she said, “Don’t do it! Don’t EVER do it!!! I was lucky to get out of there alive!!” so i’m less tempted these days, but occasionally feel a bit wistful as one goes over. the thought of cows coming to greet me doesn’t increase the attractions of the idea…. especially rabid cows…. i’m not fond of cows either. i had goats during my homestead phase, for that very reason. you can wrestle a goat down if you have to. and cows are so STUPID. there’s no reasoning with, or understanding the mental processes of anything that dumb.

    i’m afraid i’d probably be one of those idiot tourists getting wet and cold on your beaches. and cow – dumb enough to think i was having fun. my idea of cold involves large quantities of ice and snow and very little daylight ;0)

    be well deario.

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