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photography crystal chandelierJust because she’s pretty…

I’m suffering through an attack of vertigo, hearing loss, nausea, chlorine gas inhalation due to plumbing problems, an inversion layer and traveling to Sonoma stuck behind a truck with a non-existent muffler and black, billowing exhaust fumes!

It was worth it as it brought me to my favorite antique store where I found a lovely old pine side table in exchange for a rather misbegotten Christmas present of Asian peasants cavorting on a green floor lamp complete with straw hat for a shade!
His heart was in the right place….

sonoma country antiques

I also picked up my new Bella Notte duvet cover in “Silvermist”.
It is the perfect, soft shade of aqua. Gorgeous linen and lace!
Soothing and soft and perfection.


And much needed as it replaces one that is literally going to pieces.
So I am sick but sick in luxury.

But I wanted to post something besides me being in bed with my new duvet!!

I have been taking close-up photos of my crystal chandeliers.
The clean one…

This little one’s in my art studio. (of all places for a clean one!)
She has only 4 lights, is small and pretty.
Somehow she knew where she belonged and arrived without my ordering her, without any return address!
What’s a chandelier freak to do but hang her up after taming her gold finish to something a bit less garish?

A Schonbek no less!!!

I’m in the process of cleaning each of my chandeliers. It’s happening
v e r y slowly...
{MCS …}
Slowly they {one so far…} are becoming sparkly again.

greatroom chandelier

They are embarrassingly dusty with tiny enterprising spiders creating apartment complexes and doing quite well selling them as a short sale.
And a good price since they were on the grungy side.
Spiders know a good deal when they see one.
Believe me…

Leaving windows open whilst surrounded by fields, vineyards and cows probably doesn’t help keep these from becoming spider apartments!

Next I’ll share with you the CLEAN one over my bathtub.
{meaning: when it’s clean!}

photography old bathtub


And if you thought that was weird,
how about this for something REALLY weird…
Talk about “dusty”. ~:)

Chandelier of bones and skulls, Sedlec Ossuary...

Chandelier of bones and skulls, Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

19 thoughts on “Chandeliers, Antique Pine, Soft Aqua, Smog and Spiders

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Love that chandelier and really like to Here you got out and about. The duvet beautiful.
    Be well

    1. Thank you, dear Benjamin. I hope your outing it going well and you are feeling good. xx

  2. Mel says:

    Hey….if you’re gonna be sick, be sick in style! What a pretty, lacy duvet. Is this were I feign ignorance to what a duvet even is? *laughing* I know, but only because I got educated to them years back–and I now have one in the guest room. But alas, no chandelier. I do have prisms though….hanging in the window, making rainbows on the wall that the Bug chases every morning she’s here.
    I love ’em!
    And the photos are awesome. How handy that your found it’s way to you and you didn’t have to go looking. And how handy that the little pine side table was there just for you! I must admit that I chuckled about the hat/shade–talk about multi purposed lamp! And you traded it in?! LOLOL

    Well, I say if you have to make a trip for unpleasant reasons, pick your own agenda and add to it! And as for the cleaning……you GO girl! Even in bits and pieces, I always feel good about knowing I’ve relocated the spiders. LOL
    Maybe *I* oughta indulge in some ‘sit down’ clearing out. Drawers could be organized, for sure!
    Ummmmm….nah. LOL I’ll write letters, put together a puzzle and work on some crafty things instead. (and then moan about all the cluttered drawers…..LOL…..have I ever mentioned that I enjoy a good whine?)

    Enjoy the weekend, ma’am.
    And lemme see if I have this right–there’s a chandelier over that bathtub? :-/
    Don’t get me wrong–I adore the bathtub! How could you NOT love a cast ironed one.
    ‘Cept I’d wanna emerge ME in it.
    Just…..maybe not that one. LOLOL

    1. I too hang crystals in my windows…a little crazy about them between the windows and the chandeliers all around. but then again, i am… 🙂 and OF COURSE i traded it for something else. have no idea what the dear man was thinking. he said it matched something… 🙂 you know how that is and he knows me well so no surprises i wanted something different! nothing is predictable with me except the unpredictable! even to me! hahaha.

      the chandeliers are being attended to w/ help from husband since some are completely out of reach without a 20′ ladder. But others i can take down and hose off in the shower. I found this lovely stuff especially for chandeliers that is basically ammonia solution you spray on the fixture and let it drip dry. no rinsing. and it’s like magic! so once you get it in there, it’s basically done and it doesn’t damage anything either, surprisingly enough-in case you should ever need to clean anything with crystals!! 🙂

      me too on the whining…you just have NO idea!!

      THAT tub is actually water trough. 🙂 but do have one over the real one and it’s so dirty/dusty from the steam, etc., that everything is really stuck. She’s next in line!!!! Won’t even light my magazine anymore… poor me. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

      1. Mel says:

        Well, bless his pea pickin’ heart for getting the lamp so you could end up with the side table…and bless his heart for that 20′ climb! OMGosh!
        While that cleanser sounds awesome, I shudder to think of the smell and what that means to you. Must be worth the glow, eh?
        And now I’m going to have to pay attention on full moon evenings! I’m kinda hoping for a treat with the moonlit prisms now!

        I’m hopeful yesterday’s chocolate bar had a healing effect and that the baking was a good experience in the day. Lemon anything sounds good about now! I’ve not delved into baking a whole lot of the GF stuff. Getting the supplies for that in this wee bit of a town–ain’t happening! And like you, it’s a jaunt to get what’s required……and a full bank! I keep waiting for someone to actually produce GF stuff that’s worthy of eating. *laughing* Until then, I’ll stick with fresh fruits and veggies..and an occasional baked good that someone attempts to market.

        1. yes, as i said somewhere here, husband does majority of this work. obviously i can’t be where the chems. are unless i want bronchitis, etc. i still am not feeling well so the chands. are on hold until better times. i am so sick of being sick….

          ah you read susan’s comment. yes, doesn’t that sound dreamy?

          i didn’t get much baking done in the end because i had to make 3000g of flour mix first and a loaf a bread. after that, i didn’t have the energy to both pick lemons and juice them sooooo…maybe later or tomorrow or never. i let go of things easily these days. 🙂 for better or worse, it’s what it is.

          i’ll share my flour mix with you if you’re interested. i do everything by weight because it works much better and is easier with 7 diff. flours, etc. i’m sure you know what i mean. i only bake bread regularly because i am a toast and tea person but i would like to at least get a decent cookie once in awhile…$7.00 a box? i don’t think so..

          sticking with the fresh produce is the best, i agree and i could eat more apples than i do..rather a drab time of year for fruit and veggies but i manage a salad and something green most dinners. 🙂 i detest everything bought i’ve tried tho Schar’s seem to get it best. but it’s too $$$ in my opinion. not that good… xoxox

  3. rlte says:

    What a classy way to be sick. Sorry you are sick, but all your luxuries are great and beautiful. Be well. RLTE

    1. Hi Silvia 🙂
      Thanks and it’s quite cushy where I have to spend so much time. I am going to make the most of it. I believe in “extreme self-care”. Just in case it’s not obvious!! xox

  4. Sometimes cleaning tiny things like pieces of glass that reflect light is very healing. Be well.

    1. dear Gretchen,
      Yes there is something very soothing about bringing the light back into the crystals. I do enjoy seeing them when they are all shining and sparkling again too. my husband is a dear who helps me more than I do… in fact he has to do the majority of the work, poor man. I am trying to bake more gluten free goodies for him in appreciation of what he does for me. 🙂 with the bumper crop of meyer lemons, lemon bars are on the weekend’s agenda!! YUM! hoping they turn out.

  5. Robyn Lee says:

    I am glad you got out to do something fun for yourself Linda! I try to push myself to make these outings too… usually glad I did, but I know how tough it can be. I adore chandeliers ~ those glimmering shimmering bits of crystal….aren’t they magical?
    Hope you didn’t hang out with the dusty one too long… but this was a great post. And your new duvet will be ultra-cozy … and soft. Aqua is very soothing for me too… Beautiful post again my dearest friend … Sending you a giant hug today ~ Robyn

    1. Hi Robyn,
      I do have to really push myself to do this. Because it’s so hard on my to sit in the car and from where I live to anywhere is quite a jaunt on a bumpy road. In some cases it’s worth it and when it doesn’t seem like it, i try and make it so. Obviously i am a freak about them… i haven’t got the count off the top of my head but there’s a bunch around here and then there’s also crystals in windows for rainbows.

      As i said above, my husband is actually doing most of this. I can’t get them down, use the cleaner or be in the dust. Especially right now with the flare I’m in. But my chandelier over my tub is a MUST DO! that and lemon bars and baking mix and bread baking this weekend. i think you are gluten free but if not, it’s a lot of work! i finally perfected my bread baking flour mix with the teff but it’s always an uphill battle it seems. But then all things of worth generally are, no?

      I do hope your weekend is filled with all things that comfort you, Robyn. Take good care, xoxoxox

  6. Linda, I love your taste in linen, lights, and humor! 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. hi wendy and thank you very much. i am so glad you enjoyed my little whacky post. xx

  7. Ron says:

    “So I am sick but sick in luxury.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Linda, my dear, that was HILARIOUS!!!!

    You GO, girl! I mean if we’re gonna be sick, we might as well do it in LUXURY!

    Lovely photos. And that first one is tre magnifique! Reminds me of when I was a kid and how on one Saturday of each month, my mother assigned me the job of cleaning the chandelier in our dinning room. OMG…what a ROYAL pain to clean those things. It takes HOURS to clean and they gets filthy again in two minutes – HA!

    I also love the shot of the bathtub!

    Hope you’re feeling better, sweet lady. I’ve been sending you and others much Reiki this week, so I hope you’re feeling it!

    (((((((( You )))))))))


    1. if it’s possible to be sick in luxury, ron, i shall figure out a way… 🙂

      haha, that’s pretty hard, ron…are you sure. i will admit that some of mine haven’t been touched since we moved in 8 years ago! omg, i should not admit that… so bad bad bad but it is what it is…rather do almost anything other than housework.

      thanks for the Reiki and yes, still need it. am not getting better but not getting any worse either and that’s saying something. xoxoxox

  8. susancrow says:

    I don’t have a chandelier but I do have some very beautiful crystals that are hanging just in front of the windows here. I love the way they light up the place on a sunny day. On full moonish nights I’ve even had the light coming through them wake me from sleep.

    The pictures of yours, especially that first one, are magnificent. I hope you’re not ill for much longer but in the meanwhile I hope you’re enjoying a luxurious retreat.

    1. Yes, me too…i have always had crystals of all types around me. i like their energy. if i could afford it, it’d probably be diamonds! Wow, full moon rainbows is very cool.

      And since I still am…sigh… yes, I am doing it in luxury of the “semi” sort. Just finished off a chocolate deliciousness bar. probably keep me up half the night but still, well worth it. xoxoxox

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