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Double Delight rose

Courtyard Garden Roses

There are small gifts along the path. Sometimes I forget to look. The early blooming roses in my courtyard. An internet connection that is faster than a rusting satellite drifting out of orbit.

I am NOW using a better MiFi connection ~ a little black box capable of speeding things up nearer to my ADHD mind.  I can actually watch a video without jeopardizing both my bandwidth restrictions and limited patience as it buffers every 17 seconds.
I can enjoy the offerings on blogs I read everyday!

I knew what I was missing but there was little to do about it.
Joys of country living rarely include a fast internet connection.
Perhaps now I may have a chat with my grandchildren LIVE!


Please enjoy an offering from Leonard Cohen’s vast library of talent with the help of Paul Simon.

And I hope you aren’t tired of Leonard; I’ve invited him often lately.

leonard cohen

Man is like a pebble in a mountain stream. We rub briefly on our journey to the sea.

~Victor  Morgan

29 thoughts on “Sometimes I Forget To Look

  1. Clanmother says:

    So glad you love Leonard, too!!!

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      oh yes, as you can probably tell! 🙂 thanks for stopping by Rebecca! xox

  2. It is the small moments, the drinking in the beauty of a rose, the pausing to hear the words, the drinking in the sounds of silence that give us that thread of hope, of knowing all is part of the weaving that becomes a tapestry of life.

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      dear beautifully said. thank you, kind lady. xox

  3. Mel says:

    Oh, but it wasn’t missed, was it. It was discovered and appeared to you at the very moment you were ready to receive it’s beauty and hope. It’s beautiful–as are the words of Paul Simon, read by Mr. Cohen…..equally powerful in their own way. I’ll be humming for a while (which could be an all day thing as you can well guess…once it’s there in my brain, it sometimes doesn’t wanna leave)
    You’ve had a visit to the courtyard AND a peruse on the world wide web without interruption! I’d say it’s a glorious moment to be embraced and celebrated. (every 17 seconds?! ohmy you were given HUGE practice in the patience department!) But you know me, I’m all about the celebration–gimme balloons and confetti and noisy toys! 🙂

    We’re wading through a bit of snow–and I use the term ‘we’ loosely. Admittedly, I’m a bit irritated the season will come and go without one snow angel from me–I try to envision that I COULD with a bit of help. It’s been a notsogood vision with me laying in the snow waiting for a derrick crane to get me up. LOL So, no snowangel just YET. (it’s only February… could still happen! LOL) But the snow does bring about that lovely silence that only snow seems to create. And it’s a welcomed silence that I open the window for, listening to the nothingness muffled in the blanketed white–it’s a lovely ‘sound’.
    *laughing* And now we’re full circle back to Mr. Simon–whose song will be with me for the day–as will you.

  4. prewitt1970 says:

    Yay Im very excited for you to have a faster connection. I know that has been very frustrating for you in the past. Are you doing well? ive been out of the loop a bit with things the past day or so..

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      hi B… well, I think you’re back in it now sooo… be well, my friend! xox

  5. Ron says:

    Good morning Linda!

    That first photo of the rose is STUNNING. I swear, I can smell it from here – HA!

    Isn’t it something how when we go through challenging times in our lives, we often overlook the small gifts along the path? I went though this myself back in November when my mother passed away. It was so touching for me to see all loving support my nrother and I received from family members and friends, which made the experience so much easier to walk through. Yes, I felt blessed.

    Love the video clip. That’s actually my favorite Simon song.

    “and limited patience as it buffers every 17 seconds.”

    Yup….I totally know how you felt because for the first four years I was online, I had Dial-Up Internet service, and took me almost 15 minutes to watch a 5 minute video as it buffed and buffed and buffed 😦

    Hope you’re feeling better, dear friend. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

    (((((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))))))))


  6. Haunting lyrics. I have always loved this one. Since I live on a mountain my Internet connection is unreliable. For me it’s a daily lesson in patience and forgiveness. The forgiveness is for me after I lose it.

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      well, I guess that’s one way to see it! 🙂 this little box from AT&T is great for $50 a month. I have a 4g connection and it keeps whizzing along…. otherwise I was crazy with trying to keep the bandwidth limits in check with all of us here with devices of this and that! but if that’s not a problem maybe not… still money! xo

  7. Two of my favourites – together. It cannot be more beautiful a Sunday evening. Thank you!

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed my small offerings! xo

  8. gfid says:

    Your perfect rose (with scent provided by my imagination) reminds me that I must order seeds for the fledgling stage of my landscaping plans for the new old house. I’m so looking forward to that….. And your offering of Leonard reminds me that this was one of the first songs I learned on guitar. I’ve never tired of it. Visiting your page is always a treat for eyes and soul. Hope you’re seeing some improvement from the heavy metals cleanse. Hugs.

    1. gfid says:

      It’s another nearly spring day here, with temps hovering near the freezing point. (That’s considered seasonally warm here) …. And I had to come back for a quick sniff of your exquisite rose…. Before putting together a work table for finishing that strip quilt. May strength and well-being settle into the places the nasty toxins vacate. XO

      1. L`Adelaide says:

        we are in the 70s these past days but we need rain! all my 36 roses seem to be growing too fast for me to ever keep up. trying to prune one a day isn’t quite getting the job done as its not one a day! thanks for the good wishes but having some doubts given my atrocious symptoms! be well, my dear and keep dreaming of that garden! I can hardly wait to see it!

  9. Gina says:

    I love Leonard Cohen as well. He is or was on tour and playing in Boston but tickets were just too expensive. I love the borders on your blog. Looks great. Thinking of you. Sorry I haven’t been by but I’m not doing much blogging lately. When the inspiration is there, I will make a post but right now I don’t have a lot to publish that I feel good about. xxoo

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      Gina, I’m happy whenever I see you…. I still enjoy my little blog. not a FB fan. no need to apologize. xxxx

  10. violetski says:

    I love this song Linda! One of my favorite ❤
    Ah, also I love your beautiful rosé too❤
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely post❤

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      lovely violet. I’m so glad you enjoyed! xxx

  11. susancrow says:

    Thank heavens you’ve finally found a solution to the bandwidth problem you’ve been having for years. A refresh every 17 seconds is almost as good as high speed cable.

    Your rose is indeed a glorious treat for the eyes and heart. It’s still very cold here even though the days are growing milder. Now it’s spring on the west coast and my eyes long for the flowers that won’t bloom here for another month.

    That’s a lovely Leonard Cohen song.

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      ah I wish I could send you my roses…an early spring and trying to prune one bush a day…have no idea how many I have..too many!

      and yes, thank heavens and it is. heaven! xox

  12. camilla wells paynter says:

    Such a pleasure of life to contemplate its gifts, large and small! Today my small gift from the universe came in the form of a toaster. A gleaming white, 2011 model Krups toaster with a defrost button and a bagel setting. It was perched forlornly atop the dumpster outside a luxury apartment complex I was passing. “What are the chances,” I asked myself, seeing it was placed ON the dumpster, “that this toaster works perfectly and that some luxury apartment-dweller just decided she wanted a fancier model or a different color or was giving up toast?” “Very high,” I decided. “And furthermore,” I asked myself, “what are the chances that my 15-year old Toastmaster with the whimpy element will complete its burn-out process within the next year? “Moderate to high,” I judge. It was extremely clean, so a breeze to scrub and polish up. I’ll have to get some gf bagels just to celebrate! 🙂

    The onset of spring here brings little purple and yellow crocuses out of their hiding places in the grass, and the daffodils are threatening! Makes me feel pressure about the vegetable garden, but also the happiness of warm sun, sweet smells, and the time of nest-building.

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      such lovely treasures!

  13. What a beautiful rose. So glad you took a moment to capture it’s beauty and share it. Beautiful video clip, I am always amazed how spoken words and music inspire my paintings. And thanks for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying reading yours. 🙂

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      hi janell! thank you for your lovely comment. I loved your painting! we will have to visit each other more often! xx

  14. Mel says:

    WOW it’s been a job and a half to arrive here this morning…..and yesterday. I’m sure it’s me and not you. LOL Lovely that we got a ‘new and improved’ router…..notsolovely that it’s a bit tempermental. Silly thing. (((((((( You ))))))))))
    I’m going to hope that things are slowing down and calming down for you and that healthier, calming moments have happened for you. About time things start moving in a different direction, eh?

    Oh, but we have snow….again. LOL And I lamented from the couch cuz it was snowman snow and I didn’t get to play–but I’m hopeful I’ll at least get to sneak out and toss a snowball or two before the day’s up! And I do mean ‘sneak’…..LOL He-who-does-everything is also the keeper of the front door passage. For some reason he’s convinced I’d wander out in the white stuff. :-/ *snickering* Why-ever would that cross his mind!
    Feel better! Rest….and listen to some lovely music that nourishes you.
    (((((((( you )))))))))

    1. L`Adelaide says:

      good afternoon sweet mel,
      i am not feeling better but in a more “accepting” mood i guess. doc is gone for a week or two so got put on hold til then which left me with many choices-the details are ridiculous.

      so my love, that’s it for me just now. maybe i’ll get a post in sometime soon. i haven’t taken any photos much, no painting either just putzing mostly. but thank you for your lovely notes.

      xoxoxoxox take care of you please., isnt’ that cast coming off soon???


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