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farm dogs-Bella & Sophie

Bella-http://countrywomanpaints.comBella hasn’t made a blog appearance in a couple of months, mainly because she is so dirty. And so is my house….

The other day I looked out my bedroom window to find her standing on top of this rock in the back 40. She is a very cautious dog so it made me laugh to see her casually overlooking her domain. I snapped this photo through my window so it’s not the clearest but you can certainly see how proud she is of herself.

After looking at this, I realized she also has a perfect view directly into the refrigerator!

Bella-http://countrywomanpaints.comNow she’s discovered the deer are out feeding… They are her nemesis. They saunter by  the deer fence to have a sniff, thus keeping BELLA at bay! 🙂

Bella-http://countrywomanpaints.comI tried to get another early morning photo of her without her seeing me but my flash went off, as you can see in those big sparkling brown eyes.

Seconds later she’s at the door, realizing it MUST be breakfast time

Bella-http://countrywomanpaints.comThis is Bella 18 months ago!
She has really grown! ^• •^

dog quotes-country womans musings and deviant art

21 thoughts on “Bella on her Butte

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    She is beautiful!


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thanks so much, Sue! ♥


      1. Sue Vincent says:

        Though I note a common theme with refrigerator fixation…. 🙂


  2. Ron says:

    Linda, Bella is absolutely BELLISSIMA!

    And what a precious face!

    I imagine her fur is very soft because it looks that way in her photographs.

    I bet she’s great to cuddle with 🙂

    Hope you had a FAB weekend, my friend!

    ((((((( You ))))))))



    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      thanks ron, glad you enjoyed my post on mi bella. we do just adore this animal. she’s more human than dog. she’s quite stinky right now and tuesday is going to groomer and mama can’t wait. 🙂


  3. gfid says:

    Bella is a regal beauty especially on her butte. I love the quote @ bottom – dogs are not our whole life…. Etc. mine is feeling a bit neglected just now, as I let him in the tiny backyard for a pee in the snow…. He was telling me it was urgent and I didn’t believe him enough to take him for a walk….. And I then got doing something and forgot he was out there. I so seldom let him out unaccompanied that it didn’t even occur to me that he wasn’t upstairs napping. It was more than a 1/2 hour later when he finally stood up against the door to look in the window at me… And it’s still winter out there. No harm done – he loves the snow, and it’s not brutally cold – but I think his feelings were a bit hurt. I hope you’re feeling better. Hug.


  4. susancrow says:

    She’s grown to become a most majestic specimen of her proud race.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Yes, she is, isn’t she! 🙂


      1. Anonymous says:

        Good pic.Rlte


        1. ĽAdelaide says:

          hi Silvia, got all 3 and would like to help. is my blog the only one that gives you. trouble? we could start there… as far as I know once you’ve commented here and I’ve approved it, it should just post OR you are already signed in to your WP acct.

          are you having trouble with others too?xox


  5. Anonymous says:

    How beautiful Bella is. Her name really suits her. They do grow up fast. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. Rlte


  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful bella. Her name does her justice. Thanks for sharing. Rlte


  7. What a beautiful dog! The two “candid” shots of her are lovely! I think the “haze” of the window adds a misty, and mystical, quality to the shots.


  8. Mel says:

    She’s just gorgeous, even if smelly. Seriously, I thought the photos were paintings with that softening affect from the window’s glass. She’s got the perfect spot to oversee her Kingdom and the refrigerator. LOL Or, maybe she thinks the refrigerator IS her Kingdom? 😉
    Lovely dog…THE best companion and protector you could ask for. And on my…how she’s grown.
    I don’t like the sounds of that ‘awfulness’ you wrote about–that wasn’t what I was hoping to hear. :-/ I know sometimes the ‘cure is worse than the disease’ but geeze…..enough already! *sigh*

    Here’s hoping Bella likes the groomer…LOL..or you could be in BIG trouble!
    *sending hugs and warm thoughts*


  9. violetski says:

    Ah, she is so beautiful ,Linda ! ❤Lovely and cute❤❤❤


  10. Linda, “Bella” certainly is the right name for her. Beautiful!!

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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