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Double Delight rose

wisteria springSpring…. is there anyone who does not like spring?

Feather Grass Spring

Mexican feather grass is looking lush… so far.

gopher……………………………………………………………….munch munch…

roses in pinkGorgeous roses and flower fireworks.

 green-spring-grassGreen grass blowing in the breeze ~


Capable of digging 100 feet a day… or is it an hour?

flowers-springSpring flowers of every kind and color….

roses on tableNext to my bed, the heavenly fragrance of English roses ~

And in the morning?


I do wear cute little house shoes….

In order to make progress, there is only NATURE
and the eye is turned through contact with her.
Paul Cezanne


21 thoughts on “Spring Flowers, Fragrant Roses, Green Grass, Heartless Thieves

  1. Mel says:

    Amazing. The grasses are just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! What a gorgeous piece of the planet you make your home in. And how cute the mole wants to be adopted! (k…..probably not ‘cute’ in some aspects….) Oh, what a beautiful time of year (when it finally unfolds) and what eye candy we’re given after a long, bleak winter.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying some of it.
    And I’m equally glad you have cute house slippers…LOLOL
    ((((((((((( Linda )))))))))))))

    I want some of THOSE by MY bed! (slippers or flowers…either works!) 😉

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Yes, i love mex. feather grass! it sends out just the right amount of little babies too so it gently spreads around here and there. some think it’s very invasive if given the “right” conditions that we clearly do not have. 🙂

      i am very blessed to live here tho often we think of moving closer to our grands! i am a native so not sure i can/could ever leave the bay area tho… it’s just too perfect most of the time. getting very busy in our little town tho and i could do without all the tourists from SF and parts unknown!

      CUTE!?!? Mel, no, not cute, they are as ugly as can be. and what they can do to a garden is criminal. i will take photos to post soon as i get over my current CFS flare. just ONE mole can completely eradicate my courtyard thyme plantings between the stones. geez, they’re crazy destructive. i have no mercy anymore and used to. now all’s fair in gardens and rodents.

      and happy you liked those little cuties…. zappos, about $50 or something. i love boiled wool as they last forever and cheap too.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing pics of your surroundings. Love the English roses. Can almost smell them. You do wear cute shoes. Best always, Silvia

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      hi silvia… now you are not “anonymous” but rather “someone” and no gravatar. i just don’t get it but i still get your comments and that’s all that counts. is my blog the only one that has mentioned this? i see you’ve had to leave two comments too. i apologize for what i cannot seem to change. 😦 oh well, at least you come thru loud and clear! 😉

      much love.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful surroundings. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful slippers. You are lucky gal. Love,Silvia

  4. Such a beautiful garden and photos! Funny, too, with the critters mixed in! (I’m sure you don’t find them funny, tho )

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      hi Anita,
      no, you would be right that i do not find them cute at all. not even the deer are cute anymore when it comes to my yard. and of course, they always ALL ways win!!!! glad you enjoyed tho. 🙂

  5. Linda, I love your slippers and the roses!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      hi Wendy,
      i’m so glad you liked … the slippers are boiled wool as i mentioned above if you are interested. i love it. wears forever and i wear them in and out all year round. these are about a year old. anyway the rose photo is too, truth be told. 🙂 ah well, the roses are blooming but i have been in a CFS flare to no end and haven’t been able to do much pic taking. hoping that soon it will get better now that popeye the doc has returned and i can go in for a treatment. xox

  6. Robyn Lee says:

    These photos just made me want to be FREE in every way — beautiful shots dearest friend, and what gorgeous slippers. I wish I could wear something like that – but I need so much support I’m in my platform ortho sneakers from morning till sleep-time. 😦
    ~ Sending you love – lots of it! x Robyn

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      good eve Robyn,
      strangely it’s now 1130pm and i am just seeing this but you left it 2 hours ago… sigh…. my connection or whatever is very strange.
      i “should” be more mindful of my support but have been a barefoot girl all my life. i am not going to change old habits at my age when it comes to something like that i guess. besides these do have quite a bit of support built in without the whole sneakers thing. i hate wearing shoes and happen to believe i am better balanced on my feet bare. i fall down much less often! i think i’ll never know for sure and since i’m falling apart anyway, i guess i pick my battles. 😉

      i hope you have a garden, dear one. it is very healing to grow things, ponder, gaze… i believe you are near the sea, what could be better? i would love that tho it’s cold,, too cold here in nocal. sending you much love right back. take good care♥

      1. Robyn Lee says:

        YES – so miss being barefoot. I have compression from my fusion at the S1 nerveroot in my spine (where the bone fused too much) – and so my feet have no cushion over the nerves and feel like I’m walking on sharp glass (excruciating) if not layers and layers of support and platform. Also very specialized shape to my footwear – can’t even wear normal athletic sneakers that are close to ground. I’m hoping this summer I can figure out how to get the bare-feet to walk on wet sand — that used to be soothing, but since hip surgeries have not been able. You are right though – if you can do it -so much better to be in natural feet (especially on natural surface) – will help activate all the intrinsic muscles in your feet too which is healthy. We have small garden – mostly potted herbs and veggies here – and some flowers too… I hope you are hanging in my dear dear friend. I always think of you —
        x RL

        1. ĽAdelaide says:

          hello tonight, dear Robyn… i am sorry to read of the suffering you go thru with your body. believe me… i do understand how frustrating and depressing it is. i am here for you should you need a listening ear. ♥
          i think walking on wet sand might be hard but also quite therapeutic on many levels. i do hope you can make it comfortable enough to do it. really wet sand! i think that reflexology also plays a part in it being good for you.
          glad you have a small garden! you can look at my too big plants whenever i post them and not have to take care of them, not that i do…husband does most everything around here due to my own condition.(s)
          i will always hang in, dear one, i am a survivor as are you. i have much to be here for, whether i am in pain or otherwise. unless i lose my ever-lovin’ mind, i’ll survive… maybe not always happy but i think it a worthwhile fight! many blessings to you ~ xoxoxox

  7. Mel says:

    Uh huh….I still think they’re cute! In YOUR yard…LOL..not mine! No doubt we’d be waging war if one of ’em showed up. We waged war on a bitty ground squirrel one year–oh boy did we lose. Not only did we lose, we decided we liked the little booger and started feeding him, named him and watched him make a family. *sigh* So did one of the cats that hang ’round these parts. Oh, but his cousin from New Jersey came to claim the home and we’ve had ground squirrels for four years running. LOL Yes, we still name ’em, claim ’em and feed ’em. I’ve convinced the neighbor not to make ’em go away–and he just laughs at me and my critters. But they don’t destroy things like your critter does. They just…..pop up and run really FAST. LOL

    Welcome to the weekend! 🙂 I’M glad for it. Snagged some plants here and there and have POTS–so I’m gonna play in dirt if the weather allows. And if not–well, I’ve sucked at dusting since ‘he-who-likes-housework’ went on his short hiatus…so guess what I’ll be trying to avoid doing! LOL
    You just be taking care of you. Slow it down, sit and absorb the sunlight and warmth. I’m sure you’ve heard of the word ‘moderation’…yes? 😉
    Yeah……notsomuch good at that one myself!

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      darlin’ they are NOT cute! and no doubt you would be waging a mighty war… stupidly cunning creatures are they. far better diggers than i! i would NEVER feed the squirrels, they’d pull up chairs at the table within a week…… be careful.

      glad you are potting up this weekend. be careful of your body please. hoping for you sunshine skies and all the other readers up in the northern parts. we’ve been awaiting a bit of cooler weather to get more planting done and it’s upon us so that’s what my plan is… my roses are already done for the most part, it’s been so warm. bit too warm for my taste.

      what’s moderation?

  8. Mary says:

    Awesome Spring photographs – a painters dream!

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      hi mary and thanks for popping in. i am glad you liked!

  9. susancrow says:

    “You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to
    remember that the planet is carrying you.”
    ~ Vandana Shiva

    I’m sure there can’t be anyone who doesn’t love Spring but the season you show in these gorgeous photographs taken outside your door do prove that she’s more glorious some places than others. It was very sweet of you to show us the little critters that keep this heavenly setting in some kind of balance with reality.

    I love your little house shoes. The holes dug by the varmints I can leave alone.

    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      that is a fabulous quote, thank you, my dear friend.

      yes, i wasn’t bitching, i was providing balance! AHA! 🙂

      you should see what they’ve done in my lovely courtyard…. maybe if i can bare it, i’ll photograph all that damage… sheesh.

      have a good lovely warm weekend, sweet friend. xox

  10. As beautiful as ever – spring!

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