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ladelaide sick

Sometimes you need “a little light”.  A little…

But not so much light as to fry you!
It’s still in the 100’s as night falls!
And has been for several days.

oak in sunset

Oak in sunset

I don’t do well in heat, especially extreme heat. Firstly I become a complete bitch.

I have lots of excuses like low blood pressure, fainting, pain, sleepless… the list is quite long so I’ll stop there.


Red fountain grass ~ Pennisetum Rubrum

Light in back of the grasses…


And some more.


Feather grass and lavender



Courtyard flower basket

The courtyard flowers have mostly all fried.


This hanging flower basket is from last year but if it hadn’t been for this heat wave, maybe I’d have a few flowers left.

Now there’s a large fire burning in the East Bay. A yellow pall hangs over the valley.

Well let’s just say it’s rather uncomfortable without the windows open.
Like I said…


Emile Nolde “Degenerate”

For a nice little break, I offer one of my favorites

17 thoughts on “Heat Wave Dramas

  1. Mary says:

    So sorry for the miserable situation – the heat is a monster right now and w/no air conditioning, I can’t imagine. Take care, hope you are chewing on a few ice cubes to try and stay a little cooler. Love your beautiful photography – those grasses are gorgeous!


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      yep…it’s awful… so oppressive i cannot think straight anymore. xxx


  2. lahgitana says:

    Ah yes, I wondered if you were among the 90-degree-at-night folks. Our heat wave has broken, but there is threat for next week–that stubborn ridge is hanging on, which you know. I have dark circles that look like bruising under my eyes from the strain of only 4 days of heat…. I feel for *you*.

    A window a/c is ugly, but possible so you’d have a cool room? Or would the a/c trap the allergens and lead to, er, death by not breathing?! The portables are pretty amazing, if loud. Maybe they have good filters? This is the model we have:

    Keep complainin’–we were not meant to live at 100 degrees!


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      isn’t it still crazy hot there?

      yes it’s a worry but the ductless seem LESS a worry…still i have a $1000 purifier already. just going to have to use the old plastic maybe. xoxox


      1. lahgitana says:

        no, I’m freeeeezing right now because the marine layer moved in overnight and is still firmly entrenched now at nearly 11am.

        use the plastic, be cool, sleep, healing sleep.

        if you go for a portable, the two-hose ones are the best–one for exhaust, one for intake, something like that.


  3. Clanmother says:

    I am with you – heat and I do not mix! I have summer hats, fans, and stay in the shade with lemonade or iced tea. And of course, it is always nice to have a kindred spirit sitting on the porch beside me. So many like to be in the sun. But I have red hair and burn to a crisp! No more!!!


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      agreed…. excepting i don’t burn thus look like a farm worker…which i am anyway so… 🙂


  4. Mel says:

    Awwwww… poor thing. At least you have 90+ reasons for being a ‘bitch’? :-/ LOL I’ll have to snag that one when the temps creep up again. Though we all know I don’t require 90+ reasons, I just AM. 😉
    I didn’t know portable air conditioners existed! We have central air that I avoid like the plague…..until bed time. I prefer a white noise and coolness when it’s time to sleep. So I feel for ya — I know what I’m like when it’s not available to me.
    Hang in there……’bitch’ all you like cuz ain’t no one gonna interrupt you or demand differently from you here! Least of all me. I *LIKE* whining! 😉
    The grasses are lovely–and it’s nice to see the oak that’s still keeping watch. YEAH that it’s still standing strong.
    Take care of you, stay away from the smoky air and try to stay cool. Shade is your friend!
    (poor flowers……..)


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      no sleep… be back when it’s conducive to proper relating…in other words, sleeping would help but not in a polluted blast furnace. And do you know what AC costs to put in??? …. &^%$!¡


  5. susancrow says:

    We’ve gone from cold and wet to hot and humid in 24 hours. I can well relate to your feelings of discomfort and will keep my fingers crossed that your heatwave ends soon and that the fires are quenched by rain. Still, you’ve posted some absolutely gorgeous garden pictures.
    May a good sleep and peaceful dreams find you tonight.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      oy…. that humidity WITH heat must be just awful… i do feel for you as i am basking in the cool fog blowing IN the window tonight. i just about died this last few days, it’s been just horrid here as in most other places. but i’d rather be here than in a large humid city like back east now. ugh… so now we are still in the 90’s midday but the heat is broken at least for the next week or so. i can now take 90 after seeing 105 day after day. still trying to figure out how/what to do about AC tho, it seems the time has come but it is always a day late and a dollar short with us farmers… 😦 glad you liked the photos, as always the sunsets and rises are always the best time. xxxx and stay cool back there!


  6. Mel says:

    Ummm….please let the coolness have found you by now! No, I don’t have a clue what AC costs to put in….but I DO know what the cost is to put covers over your eaves so your spousal unit isn’t climbing ladders! Thinkin’ it’s cheaper than the air!! (still ain’t cheap!)
    We’ve been dealing with temps creeping up, but nothing like you’ve had yet. That’ll happen in two weeks time when the county fair hits. LOL Happens every year! Which is why lugging out the ice chests and filling them up with cold water is required–folks NEED that while they’re tooling about trying to enjoy themselves in the heat.
    We’re off today for a BBQ that I’m (notsomuch) thrilled to be a part of. *laughing* Not so much thrilled about anything at this given moment–bit piffy, truth be told. Fireworks happened withOUT me…and I’m NOT a happy camper. I’ll work on getting over it–you work on staying cool and hydrated.
    Water, water, water!
    Just sayin’……..


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      yay, the fog is back! piffy? 😉 funny… no idea but assume not so thrilled! the 4th here is asking sheriff for extra patrol and chasing people off the road. no fun… I’ve never been a fan of days that include loud booms! hoping you don’t get hit with that awful heat.. still don’t know about the AC , now need few bids to see what we can’t afford without any doubts. goodie! xxxxx


  7. Gorgeous photos! You manage to convey so much beauty and the spirit of your place, even while you’re obviously suffering from it. I wish you a cool, allergen-free room and no fires!


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