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Over 400 children dead in Syria in just this past week. And nobody WILLING to help.
Bombed while playing at school.

syria-childs shoe

a dead child’s shoe


Waiting… For what? More of the same?

Please remember the suffering being felt by these innocent people and others throughout the world today.
Thank you.

Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.

Thich Nhat Hahn

15 thoughts on “Love… “Got to Get That Message Home”

  1. Do you know how many innocent civilians have been murdered by the USA Government in the Drone Strikes in Pakinstan and Yemen? Do you know how many innocent victims are there in the past ten years in those USA wars against Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you know how many children are still suffering today in Vietnam because of USA’s chemical weapons (agent orange, being used? How are you sure if your government is not fabricating lies this time? Why didn’t your government show the evidence to the world on those figures they quote on Syria? Perhaps USA should swear in broad daylight to God in front of all people on earth they are not hypocrite and liar this time …. This is USA Government’s strikes against their own interests or may be also for the Israelis interests, the world should wake-up. Does that make sense for Syrian Government to make all these to arouse military strikes from USA? All these questions do you have answers, if yes please enlighten me! Do think deeper, who makes this world so lousy today, no one have peace under the arrogant american/israeli regime on earth ….


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thank you for your comment. I always enjoy your posts and am enlightened by your knowledge.

      One of the reasons I rarely post of things political- if we call this current crisis “political” – is because I know there are many who know far more than I. To me, this is a humanitarian crisis, which far outweighs anything of world politic. This cannot be allowed to persist indefinitely! I needn’t rely on my government to inform me. We live in a world that is informed by people not men in front of podiums with scripts to speak because they cannot speak from their hearts.

      I rarely post re politics of war and I cannot answer your questions/accusations against the US. Mine is not a political vision, nor do I want one. I know vets suffering from A.Orange effects so yes, I do know as well as suffering peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt, Mali, Burma–this list is endless, no?

      Certainly I realize that all countries have “interests” in whatever particular stand they may take. You mention Israel. Israel is very adept at taking care of it’s own affairs w/o hesitation. I do not think they sit and wait for our lumbering government to make decisions for their welfare. They are not fools.

      My post is about the past week’e events. No more, no less! I am horrified but also know that this is happening in other places in the world(as I said). No, I do not feel that everything is the result of the arrogance of the US government. Nor US lies. Frankly I don’t think we have that much power in the world today! If you do, perhaps you might state your intense feelings on your blog, not mine.

      Do I know how many have suffered from drone strikes to various war-torn countries? Yes, one cannot be unaware of the terrible outcome of these drone attacks. Can I give you a number? No. I do not post about this because it is not something I feel I can add to in terms of an intelligent remark regarding death tolls.

      The “government” in Syria is committing genocide against it’s own people. I don’t rely on my government to inform me of that. My post in fact, contains an article from the UK press. I am not so naive as to blindly believe what my government tells me and in reality, am often at odds to much of what is happening in and by my country! But that is not my point anyway.

      You say: Do think deeper, who makes this world so lousy today, no one have peace under the arrogant american/israeli regime on earth”.

      Frankly I think the world is “lousy” today for many, many reasons having nothing to do with the US. Or Israel. If you do, that is your right and I never said otherwise. Please do not attack my views on compassion for suffering children — and human beings in general–based on what you believe is a US political view. Far from it. I am provoked by the very LACK of compassion shown by the US government.

      Thank you for allowing me to expound my views of compassion for the Syrian people.



    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thank you. I shall read this. And I have answered your previous remarks regarding my point of view. I hope it is helpful in clarifying what I was trying to say in my post.


  2. Appreciate your open-mindedness, do read Putin’s remarks today, pretty inspiring, and also Obama’s latest “speech”, he spoke loud and clear that the military strikes are for USA’s national interests and also for Israelis interests. Your compassionate concern (same for all human beings with conscience) for the innocent children and women in Syria, is not mentioned as sole objective anymore, I am afraid. The world demands proof but not only talks from politicians is not too much, in my opinion, news, videos could be fabricated these days I suppose, what’s happening in Syria could be from the rebels, all are possible. I am not interested in politics (especially women I suppose), but there’s a limit of what hypocrites could go on doing … give the world some peace, please.

    PS : I am not an american and I could not share part of your views, do excuse my direct and honest remarks.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thank you for your appreciation. Many would say I am anti-American and many have already. This post was a direct reaction to Obama’s few words on attacking Syria’s government… He says nothing much, in my mind initially, and lays it, again, at Congress’ doorstep, all of whom can be ridiculous and pathetic excuses for leaders, in my not so humble opinion. They are all on vacation until mid September… very helpful indeed.

      Frankly it pissed me off… I have often thought of what it must be like to live in a country like Yemen or Afghanistan where our drones come in without notice and create massive loss of innocent lives. The horror of it is beyond my scope of imagination.

      You said: Your compassionate concern (same for all human beings with conscience) for the innocent children and women in Syria, is not mentioned as sole objective anymore, I am afraid.” I wasn’t sure you were stating I wasn’t concerned for the innocent loss of life? If so, I would ask that you reread my post. I am speaking to the suffering of all and ask they be remembered with compassion. Please…

      I welcome any remarks here that are not personal attacks against me. You expressed your views clearly. Perhaps more clearly than I expressed my own. I think your comments made me realize that from now on, perhaps it’s best to stick to posts on my flower garden.


      1. I have no doubt (not at all) about your concern on humanity, what I am saying is that USA Government now states loudly its objectives are to protect its own national interests and Israelis interests, those are more clear now. Politicians’ “concerns” for children, women, innocent civilians are perhaps only for making up the case, those crocodile tears ….

        Similar to you, I used to only enjoy writing art, travel and music, however, I force myself to wake-up, because we are facing a world requiring courage, ethic, morality, voice, critical thinking, challenge, protest, revolt, adherence to international law, etc…., it is a pitiful world but there is still hope if all the conscious people gather and give supports for truths and peace.

        Thank you for your patience in reading my remarks.


        1. ĽAdelaide says:

          You have caught me late at night here in California but I must say something regarding your comment tonight to me.

          I am not asleep but very much awake. There are choices to make about these things. For many it is easy to take on a yoke of protest and revolt. Perhaps at a different time in my life…. I know my limits. And of course, blogging is not my only self-expression. One must choose one’s battles, no?

          I will never believe the average politician since that is what they do — politicize, mainly for the highest bidder. It is a universal problem and hasn’t changed over the centuries & tho things seem more transparent now, they are not.

          I won’t whole-heartedly believe our media either because it too is slanted in one direction or many. Someone pays the bills. Today it is hard to find the truth in the usual places, sadly enough. An online world is not necessarily an honest world. We must be wise when passing judgements.

          The US has interests in our country and in many countries for all the usual reasons as do all the others. Israel does as well. Perhaps a tad more nervous with the uproar next door — that is not surprising, they have been talking “red lines” for a long time now. The US has made agreements to stand beside certain countries. That is not my issue.

          Personally I am an isolationist and would much prefer to see the US pull out of every single country it currently has a base, every “commitment”, especially financial, every war, conflict and foreign obligation. We need to bring our people and money home where it is very much needed.

          This is not a majority view but one I hold to as there is so much want right here in this vast country! The very last thing we need to do is get involved in another war we can never make better by our being there. It is time the US begins to change it’s ways but it isn’t the popular view. It isn’t an unpopular one either… being a free country of many thinkers.

          I wasn’t going to write anything much here excepting I was awake! I have not noticed any of your posts being political but that doesn’t mean I saw every one. I miss much in my reader as I cannot always be online. You have an intelligent voice and much passion behind it — I hope you make use of it to help bring about the change you wish to see. I warn you – be prepared for much contention from all directions.

          As for me, I will quietly keep my spiritual practice, sending compassion and love when and where I can and speak now and then when I feel moved to say something, like I was today. Truly there is no winning any war today. And truly we all need to wake up to this reality. Suffering is the only sure result.

          Namaste, musiqdragonfly — there is no need to thank me. I have enjoyed our exchange and hope to see you come by again soon. And now I must be abed.



          1. I wish you a sunny and restful Sunday… Since English is not my first language, I write very short posts in WP. Nevertheless, I read and write a bit more in other media/forums that I’m more familiar with, on humanity issues but not much on political subjects as I am not qualified for that. Thanks once again.


            1. ĽAdelaide says:

              Namaste, musiqdragonfly — I’d love to read some of your pieces sometime!

              My gratitude to you for sharing your heart ~


  3. ĽAdelaide says:

    Please do not leave me a comment based on YOUR personal point of view towards US world doctrine or politics. I am not interested in writing about politics here nor have I ever, to my knowledge, spoken about politics as they simply do not interest me enough to write about. I DO speak of compassion, Buddhist philosophy, suffering, health, my dog, gardening and I am known to bitch now and then… Just look at the categories and tags if you are interested in knowing what this blog is about.(sorry, i don’t have a category called bitching but…)

    Musiqdragonfly engaged me by leaving me her thoughts on this post that seemed to contradict my intention. It was MY intention to clarify and clear up any misunderstandings. That is all. I will not defend my country’s worldview nor attack it, for that matter. It just doesn’t tickle my brain enough to create a desire to have something intelligent to say. That might be hard to understand if you are at all political. I am Apolitical to the extreme. I have personal reasons for that. I may bitch about the cost of my medical care—that might construed as political depending upon your definition of the word, but in reality I am coming from a very personal place in everything I write about or post here. Therefore there really isn’t anything to defend. I am not trying to stir up controversy with my words.

    I hope these words will clarify my perspective for anyone with questions regarding my apparent political view that isn’t. Thank you for reading this. Now back to Bella and The Amish Mafia.



  4. susancrow says:

    I agree with your deep feelings about this further tragedy. In my opinion Howard Zinn said it best:

    “We need to decide that we will not go to war, whatever reason is conjured up by the politicians or the media, because war in our time is always indiscriminate, a war against innocents, a war against children”


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      what a brilliant quote and I’ve never heard of him not that that surprises me! 🙂

      wishing someday to see exactly this when it comes to these barbaric, meaningless and tortuous wars of recent times especially. no longer is there the remotest of excuses… XO


  5. Mel says:

    DEFINITELY need a “bitchin” category.


    Just sayin’!!

    Personally, you have to be the change…and even in my broken state, it hurts to see what we do to one another.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      yes, I think I do and ponder what I could possibly bitch about, life being so damned perfect and all… XO



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