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17 thoughts on “Gentleman Makes Meaning Happen

  1. Thank you for sharing that with us, really helped my heart.
    Much love and light

    • Hi Benjamin,
      I’ve not been online much of late and have missed you. How are things going? Knowing things have been falling in on you… hoping you are feeling OK, my friend.

      thank you so much for stopping by. I realize it’s not always doable for you and wanted you to know it is very much appreciated to see your kind face on my blog again.

  2. Brilliant!!! Absolutely life affirming and joyous!! Thank you so much for giving me the best thought to end my day. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Big smile! 🙂

  4. Well, he puts me to shame….and well should. Yup–no excuses. I’m not a painter, but this isn’t just about painting, huh?
    So, I’ll listen to Blackbird and embrace the possibilities yet to unfold in this day I’ve been given.
    LOL I watched sunrise this morning and had a good ‘chat’ about my limiting me. We do that, yaknow…..get caught up in the noise and circumstances and start living Thoreau’s point.
    Well, I do anyway. So….back to snarky and “uh huh I can soooooooo do that!!”.
    Guess I’m choosing to be happy AND defiant this morning. ROFL
    I love it!
    (thanks for the video……it is awesome!!!!)

    • hi mel… when I’m in less pain, I shall chat with you til then, much love and hugs. xxx

      • yeah, he puts me to shame too and probably why i posted him. he’s also kinda cute. 🙂 NOPE not just about painting, dear.

        we do limit ourselves, don’t we… i do it all the time. sometimes i tell myself to just can it. geez… and thoreau’s pov happens to be my own. old hippie here but that’s a good thing in my humble opinion. not all share that opinion but that’s ok with me. 🙂


  5. I love that spirit of working with whatever you have, from wherever you are. And that he says he is still trying to paint the best thing he ever painted! (Not sure what Pfizer’s message is in all that…LOL! But glad you posted it!) I adore the photo of the couple walking naked into the surf. That’s beautiful!

    • i wish i could figure out why my comments here are coming out centered… back to the dreaded css i guess….

      glad you liked this, camilla. and yes he’s still trying, i caught that too. your reference to pfizer must be an ad i didn’t see? ah well, ignore is the order of the day. 🙂

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Country Woman Paints at Country Woman Studio! See links below + come see me❤️

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Country Woman Paints at Country Woman Studio! See links below + come see me❤️

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