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January 3, 2014


Random Acts of Culture Nuttiness

I found this group the other (mid)night whilst in insomniac mode.
People sneaking up and surprising others in song.
“Random Acts of Culture” should happen more often!
I thought I would share a Random Act with you.

Be well, my friends, and Happy New Year (again)!

In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag. ~W. H. Auden

spring house

Spring Pump House

Find a place where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. ~Joseph Campbell

6 thoughts on “Random Acts of Culture Nuttiness

  1. Linda Hallelujah.. someone entertain us… keep looking it is beautifull. Anything to make the world smiling…. his the pump house is where they secretly practice? 🙂

  2. Lovely! Bit bigger than getting a few people to join in with Jingle Bells while you’re standing in the grocery line. *laughing* But just as joyful to experience or be a part of. The world needs more of these.
    And more pumphouses basking in sunlight.

    I’ll report in at -44 degrees. Yes, I know–stupidly cold…..BUT……It’ll warm up! (eventually…..)

    I’ll work on staying warm, you work rested being centered in wellness.

    And I’ll give a go at a random act of niceness. (cuz culture and me……pffffft…hahahaha ain’t happenin’….)

    • 🙂
      Yeah, culture.. A bit overrated methinks but anyway…

      With huge apologies but my internet died on me here! Weeping and such did nothing either! Hope you have stayed warm back there. Yikes!


  3. Thank you for this lovely post!
    I am here because our beautiful friend Robyn Lee is having a major surgery on this Thursday.
    I have made a special post and she has left us all a message there.
    I hope you will support her.

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Country Woman Paints at Country Woman Studio! See links below + come see me❤️

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Country Woman Paints at Country Woman Studio! See links below + come see me❤️

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