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The Man who Planted Trees, 1987


The Man Who Planted Trees
{MrGreatShortFilms ~Vimeo}
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This is an utterly charming and inspiring animation based on an allegorical story by the French author Jean Giono, which was published in 1953.

The Man Who Planted Trees or L’homme qui plantait des arbres, was made into a short film by Frédéric Back in 1987 and won several awards including the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.


The Man who Planted Trees 1987

My gratitude to Sarah at First Night Designs for sharing this for otherwise I’d have never found this little gem!
And then could not have shared it with you…
Love, Sunshine and Trees I wish for you this spring day~


17 thoughts on ““The Man who Planted Trees” Short Film 1987

  1. oolung says:

    I remember seeing that film screened in a tiny university cafe in Hangzhou in China. Beautiful and moving!


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Welcome oolung and thank you for your kind comment. I loved this little film and had to share it here. I’m glad you enjoyed!


  2. Bless you for the mention. It is exquisite, isn’t it!


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Sarah, I loved this when I saw it on your site recently. I was transfixed by the story tho I rarely use bandwidth for videos, since I’m always having to buy more! This, however, was so beautiful and well worth it. xx


  3. nannus says:

    I have seen this film years ago on TV and I remember some scenes and that I liked it very much. That must have been in the late 1980s, maybe when the film had just come out new. It has a nice and optimistic, but not unrealistic message and it it beautifully made. Thanks for posting.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Welcome again, Nannus,
      I adored this film. I’m glad you had the pleasure long ago and I was able to share it with you again. And yes, it is beautifully made!


  4. Leya says:

    Thank you for posting this! Beautifully made and a lovely story.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Ann-Christine, I’m so glad you enjoyed this like I did. I thought it was mesmerizing and beautifully done. xox


  5. Mel says:

    First of all, it took me a bit to find where to leave a comment…change is good, I love the header (though I will miss the horse) and I WILL adjust! LOL. I remembered bits of this and somehow ended up on Sarah’s site and watched . ( LOL…I WILL adjust and I own that I’m obviously a little ‘off’ as of late.) You know me, I like the stories that stretch you a bit and give you cause to pause. I wondered if there was truth to the story. And I wonder if people get, truly ‘get’ how powerfully our decisions are and how many people are touched by those decisions. LOL…see, I seem to look for messages in all things. It really is a wonderful story, and wonderfully done.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Well it’s 2am here and I’m wide awake, being most stressed over stuff. I need a vacation but don’t see that anytime soon. You had me wondering why you couldn’t see the video on my blog? A bit confused… Yes I needed to switch templates due to WP changing stuff “behind the scenes” so I then couldn’t make my code work. Or fonts… Thank you WP! :-/

      Yeah, change is good I guess but frankly I prefer to be calling the shots when I’m paying for the privilege! Then my internet went down before I got this installed the way I wanted and still, I haven’t gotten it right!

      Oh well, my roses call me now and my oldest grandson is winging here for his very first trip alone! He’ll be here for a week, a wonderful opportunity to have lots of time just with him is so fabulous! I wish I felt better, CFS is kicking me around but still, we’ll have fun! A horse to ride is even planned! About time since this is supposed to be a cattle ranch! 😉


  6. Dreamily fantastic.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thanks Elena! I thought it was wonderfully done and deeply spiritual tho I am not sure if that was the original intention. Apparently it isn’t based upon anyone in particular, which sort of saddened me but didn’t surprise me. Hoping your weekend was fabulous!


  7. susancrow says:

    I hadn’t seen this before and now I have. Thank you, my friend for posting this very beautiful and inspiring story. The artwork is simply amazing.
    Good news your grandson is coming for a visit.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Hi Susan,
      I thought of you when I was watching this. It reminds me of something you would appreciate. I was very moved by it and wish more people felt this way…. there is great hope within it’s message, was my thought. And yes, the artwork was what made me think of you! 😉

      I’m quite excited my very grown up 11 year old grandson is traveling on his own for the first time all the way here! And hasn’t once looked back either. I wondered if he’d get fearful but not one bit. He says he wants to be free of his 3 sibs! No surprise there–imagine when he’s another year older…. we’ll have him all summer long beginning in March! They are homeschooled, making it very easy. One of the blessings I am thinking now. I have had some doubts. It seems that for some it works well and others need the hard knocks of their peers to literally have some sense knocked into them. Hoping mine all turn out just perfect, as can be expected anyway… xxxxxx


  8. burgessart says:

    Always loved this short movie and so pleased to see it again!!!!


  9. I saved this gem for a later viewing and I just watched it. Fantastic…so beautiful and I thank you.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I thought it was charming as well as deeply moving.


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