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Peregrine Falcon, juvenile

The featured image is a Wiki photo, thus PERFECTION! The two below are mine taken “on the wing”, so to speak.

They (falcons) have wicked eyesight thus I cannot sneak up on one to get a good shot, unlike the boring cowbirds all over my yard!
These are zoomed in as close as was possible but not the best!
BUT they ARE proof they’re here!

Falcon hunting

Falcon hunting

The following was taken of the same falcon in the treetops when the mate swooped by!
A lucky capture.

Two Falcons Hunting

Two Falcons Hunting

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3 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Wow, he hardly looks real. The detail is phenomenal as is the focus!


  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful – great catch!


  3. Mel says:

    OMG!! How much fun to just watch!! Amazing that they’ve taken squatting rights on your land. I’m always feeling graced when our eagles pass over. And they’re just as irritable about having their photos taken. I know alllll about wee dots=eagles. LOL. I have a collection of dots! I’d feel fortunate to get the shots you got, though I’ve been lucky on occasions and gotten some decent shots…cuz I sit forever and wait … and wait… and wait. LOL
    But we don’t get falcons. So lucky youse guys!!


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