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"Peace" rose

May 17, 2014


I’ve Come to Talk with You Again

Flower plans

Flower plans

My hands are feeling better and I’m even planning to pot up a few of these lovelies this weekend!
The weather in my neck of the Golden State(California) has been very hot but tonight blessed fog is rolling over the hills and into the valley, cooling us down.

Eagles Flight at Dawn

eagles flight

Always we breathe a sigh of relief at the sight! Especially with everything so dry! It’s going to be a dangerous fire season…

See you again over the weekend when perhaps I shall have something to show of my “careful” efforts!


“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” ~Vincent van Gogh

30 thoughts on “I’ve Come to Talk with You Again

  1. So glad your hands are feeling better.

    • ah, thank you, Sarah! Tonight they are not feeling so well but I did enjoy my day puttering in my garden. xo

      • Glad to hear it…about the puttering, I mean not that your hands are not so good again! Even when my hands were reasonable, I was not green-fingered which was very frustrating as I love flowers and all things green – balm for the soul.

        • Yes… Balm for the soul! I buy orchids from the grocery store because the flowers bring me such joy while in bloom! I’m going to try and keep them coming in the courtyard this summer. I hear fertilizer and warmth are the ticket! We’ll see…


  2. So lovely

  3. Beautiful flowers. It will be so nice for you to be able to feel the earth in your hands this weekend.

    • Yes, it is and was. Thank you as always. And just as always i overdid but even so, it was worth it and we are on our way to getting much done in a small amount of time before the heat sets in. Hoping in the morning to be able to get out of bed!!!

  4. The flowers are gorgeous and I’m very glad to know you’re feeling better.

    • I’ve over worked me self a bit now, still in the courtyard…. Nothing pretty really, rather cleaning up, more pea gravel, new dirt, resetting some of the flagstones. Still haven’t gotten to any potting up flowers! Ah well, glad to at least have this done almost. Things had gotten beyond me! As usual, I always misjudge my ability to do as much as I’d like. My roses are just gorgeous this year. Hoping to capture some of them in the morning. And to post something on here too! 🙂 xox

  5. a blessed relief from the heat must be a gift indeed. don’t overdo the use of your hands! Oops, sorry, for a moment there I was wearing my mom hat!

  6. So good to read that your hands are feeling better – excited to see what you send our way this weekend!

    • Thanks much Mary! I’ve overdone it a bit more than my CFS wants me to but it’s good to feel minimally caught up! And plan to get some photos on here soon! I’m always thinking I ca do more than i can. Living with chronic illness doesn’t mean I’m too accepting of its limitations unfortunately. One would think but….. Tho I hurt I’m feeling better getting my hands in the dirt! 🌸🌺🌻🌹

      • I can really understand and am happy that the pain has subsided enough for you that you’re able to do some work outside – I know how much you love your gardens. All the best for summer fun ~

        • Thank you so much for this, Mary. It is always good to get one’s hand into the earth, even if one needs another a bit stronger to do the heavy digging part. 🙂

          I am lucky lately!! The vineyard is quietly budding so I have my farmer here helping me and I am quite happy to have gotten something done. I also have my eye on a new Austin rose called…

          well, I wish I could remember but it’s 3AM & I can’t. I’ll have to tell you as it’s supposed to be stupendous. So good night for now. ❤

  7. Love to read that your hands get better linda as i would love to get more of your fresh colours that hit me and make me happy when I click on your Blog each time.. Get well soon 🙂 x

    • Thanks for your kindness! This comment got into spam file for unknown reasons so I’m a little late to respond! I hope all is well! 😉

      • Not very good days here at the moment.. But I push harder.. if only I could understand what is going on… Thanks for your support even you have your own issues to deal with but please get better yourself as it is not fun… I see your smiling icon and look at the roses.. deep smell.. it makes a great different 🙂 XX

        • This makes me happy. I often think it’s time to stop this blogging with the pain issues that make it difficult not to mention I feel I’ve said everything before! I’m not painting much & haven’t for weeks. Again…. Pain. Oy, it does get old, my friend! Keep on keeping on and I will too. It is good to see more of you! xxx

          • I also try to avoid it as we go to sleep with it and wake up with it.. But that is part of our life story. It is my ‘silence story’ which I often keep inside as I don’t tell people and try not to say it again to friends.. It is deep inside as I believe that everybody have their own problems and they don’t need ours. But I feel when you care for someone you don’t mind how many times you mention or heard it. And trust me I know that there is more to life. I don’t mind how many time you will tell me as I am here for you and it is good to get it out of the system, you have to get it out. More than anything I would love to know that you also have some much easier times… and would love to see you doing even if they only small the expressive pure colours painting as I know that in those few moments pain subsided little.. It is a great world of expression and I wish you many good days like that. Keep strong xxx

            • thank you for such wise words and your kindness, doron.
              no, i often feel to mention “it” again is really not needed in the world here or there YET it is often written upon our hearts. those of us dealing with chronic illness of any kind need the compassion of firstly ourselves and then others who are in our lives. i believe they try to understand but let us face it… if you have not walked this path, you cannot begin to understand. my husband balks at taking a decongestant, ONE pill! i take over a dozen a day so there are times i do wonder….

              painting… the truth is that my hands are very bad and so is my ability to put anything creative down on paper. i have to set up another place to paint-well, the table is in here anyway- in the bedroom but haven’t had the push i need to do so. i bought a small table for in here and yet, cannot make myself put brush to paper. it must be inspired by my heart and it’s a bit hushed right now.

              i have always painted in fits and starts, sometimes going years without any art at all. i am adhd and severely depressed with mood disordered craziness so that too gets in the way. there was a time in my blogging, it is now deleted, when i wrote primarily about mental illness as those who suffer from it need advocacy. however those depression offerings had the lowest response of anything i posted. my wp experience has been wonderful but you will notice a definite difference should you have read my previous words. definitely on the light side. but i do enjoy photography-if you can call it that with my point and click camera!! 🙂

              have a wonderful rest of your weekend, is my hope for you. and much love and good tea with a fresh squeeze of lemon for you.oh, and COOKIES!!!!!!
              XXX xox

              • Linda my friend it can be very silence life out there yet the closest people to you can’t notice what is going in your world and that is not because they not ineterst or shy away from it. That is the problem with chronic illness. However I feel great to see you did and do express for people with such problems. You owe me no explanation as i feel privilege to know you. Some people on this planet less fotunate and if someone like yourself express their views their problem that is important. I think that the most important is awarness and no one understand it until they wear those shoes. I never complain as I understand I don’t judge as it is never up to me, who am I? But I always like to stand by and explai little. Many people when they start read when they little start to understand react differently. After all none of us have a badge or a big sign suggest what’s wrong. I never knew what is all about until 5 years ago… it was someone else who had it and I did not understand enough..
                If painting at the moment is hard and the camera take such beautiful pictures that is also great.
                I just followed your message and poured a green tea with a fresh cookie and I look outside the window to the amazing gold glowing sky and although aware that are less fortunate people out there, I say loud what a wonderful world! I know you are on the other side and that make it even better.. I send you big hugs and wish you much better, I never worried what people response is and why.. I always try to live in hope and respect what I got and care for the people around me.. I get by and hope you also my dear great friend.. have a super day smile…xziXZixziXZi 🙂

  8. So glad you feel better dear Linda!❤️
    Love thise beautiful photos and flowers❤️

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