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I didn’t mean to post this tonight. In fact, it’s a very old draft. I was deleting some old photos from my media library and happened to accidentally zig instead of zagging… Thus a post I hadn’t even seen in 2 YEARS. Since there’s apparently nothing to be done with that WP reader amongst others, I’ll just allow karma be the bitch she can be and be bored with it like the rest of my readers…. And if my connection ever REconnects, publish my Monet post I’ve been meaning to share for at least a couple of months! Yes, it’s been rather busy around here, raining grapes instead of rain drops. Oh well, the grapes aren’t a bad thing! zzzz … be prepared….

I must get dressed now, it’s 3:16PM.

I am supposed to be celebrating another time and place when i was a very young, breathless, weepy, blushing bride in a Victorian dress and lacy veil. An actress in my mother’s fantasy wedding.

Wasn’t that the way it always was…?

I did get my cake with fresh roses on top instead of the silly statue of me and he! But….


The simple exquisite beauty of aging roses.

Perfection in imperfection. A lot like marriages that last a long time…

10 thoughts on “A Special Day or OOPS! Watch Those Fingers!

  1. Mary says:

    Exactly – beautiful roses and I hear you!


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thanks Mary! Sigh, hate those little surprises tho. 😉


  2. a pastor friend once said to me that weddings are for mothers! hence all the craziness of that day. hee hee. Roses, though, ah yes roses – beautiful at every stage of their life. Like you and me.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Hi Joss,
      Yes, I so agree and it certainly was in my case! And as for the roses always beautiful, a lovely sentiment, thank you. xx


  3. Gerlinde says:

    You are so right! I totally agree and the roses are lovely.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thank you, Gerlinde. 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful along with a beautiful story.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thank you, Silvia! xx


  5. Mel says:

    Sometimes zagging is a good thing.
    Happy anniversary to you and the farmer. Perfectly imperfect is something I know a lot about. Oh, but look at the places you’ve been and the abundant life the two of you have shared…..amazing how that works, eh. I asked wise person in my life how he managed so many years of marriage and he told me “don’t die and don’t kill each other”. LOL. I get it now!! 😉


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      haha, great advice and something I experienced about 2 hours ago!! 😉 we’ve been together since we were kids of about 6, judging by the towheads in the pool, believe it or not. don’t know what i’d do without him really… tho we do definitely have differing approaches to some issues… after all these years, we know how to maneuver most of those choppy waters. xxx


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