July 29, 2015


Sophie the Stomper Beagle

Sophie Beagle

Sophie Beagle

I just had to share this sweet little photo of “Stomper”.

Don’t let that sweet demeanor fool you. She’s a beagle beast and tears around the yard, chasing every mole, vole, field mouse and gopher she can. She has also taken down three baby squirrels who didn’t know better and kept wandering into her lair. It took a little time but eventually Sophie did what beagles do best. She hunted them down, leaving the remains as offerings at the back door….
So sweet….

A week ago we had another encounter that surprised even us.

She had cornered a FERRET beneath some lathe panels. The little thing was quite indignant and seemingly ferocious, even to Sophie.

Bella had long since decided against bothering the screeching little creature. All that racket was highly suspicious to ever-wise Bella.

In the end, even Sophie gave up.
I had been watching from a “safe” distance but soon realized the little guy must have escaped a human home.
My hope is he found his way back. I’m fairly sure he won’t be paying another call to our lathe pile!
Or Sophie, for that matter.
She can be highly annoying!

Bella talks with her eyes~Great Pyrenees Dog


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6 thoughts on “Sophie the Stomper Beagle

  1. Beautiful and sweet Sophie!


  2. What a beautiful lady. Could never have thought she was naughty, but knowing beagles, I believe it.


  3. They’re a lovely, albeit temperamentally mismatched, pair. Bella has that look of endless patience.


    • bella is one patient animal… she thinks everything/one is part of her herd and i think it makes her that way… with a few chickens, she’ll have her paws full. 😉 strangely they get along quite well and they adore each other. xxxx


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