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Meadow Deer in Fog

Meadow Deer in Fog ~ Acrylic & Casein on Arches WC Board, 14″x17″, ©2015

As I’ve said I am hoping to sell my art on ArtSpan. {Fingers crossed…}

Setting up my website did not take 10 minutes however. In fact, I’m into my third week!
I’ve had to upload some photos a few extra times because they weren’t the right size file to make high quality prints, canvases and such.
Who knew??
And some I couldn’t offer a larger file, having taken them years ago.

I finally figured  out how to photograph Meadow Deer as to my camera settings!
First step….
Well, that wasn’t the first step because once I had taken it out of the frame, I played in my paints for a day or so.

Then I had to figure out how to photograph a casein painting so the lighting would capture the painting without losing the softness I love about casein.

Big sigh….

Whilst the temperatures climbed to 90 in the studio and over 103 outside this past week, the grapes jumped to GO!



Sonoma County Chardonnay Harvest 2014

They are suddenly ripe all at once so we have 5 days of harvest ahead of us…. Farmer is happily dreading it all at the same time.


Sonoma County Chardonnay Harvest 2014

I‘ve also been dealing with illness that keeps waylaying me but tonight I’ve uploaded “Dear Deer”,  as a kind friend calls them. I hope I don’t get another email explaining to me how I need to make another photo file large enough to create beautiful prints!!

They ARE very polite about it.


Instant gratification takes too long. ~Carrie Fisher

Art, Photography and Text by L’Adelaide Scott, ©2007-2015. All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “Deer in Foggy Meadow

  1. Leya says:

    The dear Deer is here! But not in the blue variety?


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Yes, it is here finally!!

      That blue cast is the lighting, the low resolution(about 150 kb) and because it’s is a photo of a print. The surface isn’t like the painted surface of the original but still predominantly blue, just a little cloudier. And I changed the flowers to pinks/rose tones. I’ll send you a high resolution if you’d like or I “think” you can see it on ArtSpan if you zoom it once it’s in the cart.(BEFORE you buy…) It’s not shown hi-res on site so it can’t be stolen/copied.

      This photo looks washed out in comparison due to the nature of casein, which is milk-based paint, and looks much different and much prettier, softer. It’s still predominantly blue and pink/lavender tones. The deer are not as dark either in painting as they turned out in the previous blueish photo. Would you like me to send you a higher res. photo?


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      1. Leya says:

        If it’s not too much trouble – it would be interesting, but i think I will buy it anyway!


  2. You are learning how to sell online. You will figure it all out Linda and then it will get easier. Here’s to perserverance, Gretchen.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Apologies, my dear. I don’t think I saw or responded to this comment of yours. Ah well, a bit crazy here lately. Yes, there’s a learning curve to all things, this isn’t any different… I am finally getting familiar with the site Artspan tho then there was an email about mobile templates and i couldn’t seem to find any more info on whether mine is or isn’t… ah well, always something!!! xox 😉


      1. This is a relatively new thing for artspan so I think that, since you just recently set up your site, it would be mobile friendly. I changed mine because I had my original site for a number of years. Any questions that you have….open a support ticket. Someone will answer you within 24 hours. I scan my paintings and upload 1200dpi images. The larger the better. The newer digital cameras have high resolution so, if your camera is an older model, you may not be getting the digital support that you need for reproduction. I love having a professional looking web site where I can direct interested customers. Have a great weekend, Gretchen.


        1. ĽAdelaide says:

          1200dpi??! I thought 200dpi would be enough and I have no camera that will do that dpi. I made all the images upload to only the smaller sizes, they’ve sent back a few photos I couldn’t change, and the others I either found in a bigger file(not THAT big!) or retook the photo at the ‘superfine’ setting 4000×3000. Haven’t heard back but am not sure what to think about your dpi settings. You must have a photographer(friend 😉 taking your lovely photos!

          Anyway it will be what it will be, right now i’m a tad worried about our harvest, that was very small. Yields here were 20-40% of “normal” whatever that is… I’m awaiting news of the pinot picking today and holding my breath. Ah the life of a farmer! Maybe I better get painting smaller, no? 🙂



          1. Please understand that my paintings are 2.5 x 3.5 inches. With the 1200dpi scan they can be successfully printed up to 28 x 24 inches. They are scanned by me. The images that you see have been reduced by me in a photo program to 1000dpi so that no one can pull them off the internet and get a decent reproduction. Do check out the tutorials on Artspan to see about understanding the whole print upload process. Do ask me any questions and I will try to give you a decent answer. I am certainly not a whiz at computer stuff but I have had to learn a few things in order to sell on line. Sorry for your confusion but if I can learn you sure can too. This doesn’t come easy for me either. Mostly the computer gene is defective for those of us over 70. Painting is my love …..not computer science.


            1. ĽAdelaide says:

              Good morning, Gretchen,
              Yes, I know you paint small, something I intend to do now that I am a poor farmer without any income for the coming year. I am convinced it’s the drought but our harvest was the worst we’ve ever had and after operating expenses, we have no money!

              Since I now need a job, I have only one way and that’s in selling my paintings. I needed a new printer since ours quit. I want to get a scanner with it so I can start scanning the paintings. My genetic makeup never included computering either so I hear you. 🙂 It’s a steep learning curve…

              Bottom line is I paint smaller so it fits the scanner and buy a decent scanner that produces the images I need to upload. I am going to start using the blog for my art and open an ebay shop for originals since artspan isn’t doing much as yet. I have no original paintings there but think they’d be really expensive with mark-up.

              Would you mind my emailing you? I’d like to ask you about ebay and if you know scanner brands that are less expensive and would do the job.



              1. It takes some time to make the transition to having no money after having money. Be gentle with yourself and don’t panic. You will have enough. It takes awhile to built your customer base online. I started painting aceo size because they were easy for me to handle and they are collectible. I have had good luck with them selling. You don’t need an expensive scanner. Epsons are good. I do not make my own prints because the equipment is expensive and I don’t want to learn how to print. Having a web site doesn’t assure you of selling. It is a nice place to refer customers and the POD is great. I sell most in the eBay bid. Please do email Linda. If you want my phone number, I will send it in an email. Much love, Gretchen.


  3. ĽAdelaide says:

    Oops, I see you scan the paintings… good idea, since we need another printer maybe I’ll look into some with scanners and DEFINITELY paint smaller. 😉

    thanks Gretchen, you’re a wonderful help as you can see, i’m totally out of it when it comes to these technicalities!


  4. susancrow says:

    The painting looks very pretty to me, but then so does all your work.

    It’s a very tricky business getting artwork to look just right on the internet because everyone’s computer screens show different hues and lighting. I have a Minolta 5x digital camera that captures very information dense pictures of artwork. The problem is that I don’t have the ability to set up a studio shooting environment. The alternative has been to use a scanner – with the understanding the scanner beds are generally in the 8.5×11 inch size. I have an Epson which (luckily for me) is a good one even though it’s no longer ‘state of the art’ (me neither). Canon is also excellent and I believe can be matched with a color printer.

    It’s only been in the past year that I finally learned how to make scanned images acceptable for digital prints to be made at online galleries. Of course, the places where my work is displayed (Fine Art America and dA) keep most of the money when I do sell prints. I am not a professional in any sense of the word, but when friends (and the occasional stranger) do want a print they haven’t complained about the ones they receive. I should mention too that it’s also usually necessary to have access to one of the Photo Shop programs and a graphic converter. I love to paint and I really don’t enjoy tech so I’m not much use for advice.

    Nevertheless, I love what you do and I wish you every success, my friend.


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      Thanks, dear Susan,
      I am not enjoying all this tech stuff when all I want to do is paint. I’ve spent hours online, even on FB!!! I didn’t ever think I’d see the day I spent time there but I made a page… they do seem to get traffic but that doesn’t mean money. As i said to gretchen above, our harvest wasn’t. tho nobody is whispering much yet about it, the wineries are freaking out because they ran out of juice supplies and the harvest was abysmal all over the valley. We literally went backwards… i will email you.

      So now i need a job. Since i’m way too old to be useful ‘out there’ except maybe cooking but i can’t stand that long–aw, getting old ain’t for sissies as Ms. Bette said– painting is my only way to have a hope of making a few bucks. I’ve tried photographing my work but my camera doesn’t make a file big enough(i don’t think….) I just don’t do this tech stuff and am not about to learn anymore than i already know. i do need a printer so I’ll find one with a scanner too, not two different machines i have no room for.

      photoshop… graphic converter… ugh… i do have an old ps i never did figure out and don’t know what the converter is/does. i realize after watching online somewhere, one needs to figure the dpi stuff out but my husband is good at math and understands something about photography, like fstops that i don’t think they even use anymore. 😉

      I have another friend on FAA but she says nothing really sells much. Etsy doesn’t seem to be much help either. i think using the blog as a sort of advert and then finding an outlet might do it. firstly i have to get my head around our current fiasco that i wasn’t prepared for. nobody is ever prepared to have no money for the year but such is life. i’m most worried about the drought and if it will continue… time will tell.

      a sad story, hoping for a silver lining… like maybe i will paint more. but selling? oy…



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