deer skull

February 23, 2016


Bones White + Black

I wander the hills, at times finding animal bones that sustained coyotes I heard celebrating into the night. Knowing they howl when they make a kill, the bones are a stark confirmation ~ they do rejoice!

At 2AM I lay awake, listening… Sometimes they come so close, I open my window and howl back, imagining their surprised brown eyes staring back at me. I hear them lope away thru the rustle of grass.

Now I pack my treasures home. I’ve always collected nature’s gifts.  These bones are cleaned by nature’s whim, slowly stripped white.

Bones of a living being are metaphors that all is slowly evolving into something else.

sacral spine of deer

Deer Sacrum


deer spine found

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Art, Photography and Text by L’Adelaide, ©2010-1016. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Bones White + Black

  1. Georgia O’Keefe spent a lot of time doing much the same. Great minds and hearts think alike it would seem.

    • I don’t know about the great mind and heart but it is interesting that I collect these things. I never questioned that I did, just that I did… My house is filled with many different feathers, all in jugs and jars and laying upon the barn wood shelves. They are everywhere in the studio as are my bones. I collect owl pellets when most gag at the thought. They do not understand what they really are… And contain such tiny small skulls along with the most slender bones I have ever seen. I could go on but others may think me a little crazy… But then again, I am! I hope your fair weather continues and those peanuts are always in those pockets, dear heart.

  2. I wonder just what it is that makes us treasure found bones. I find them mystical and beautiful.

    • Good morning, Gretchen(think it’s still morning…well maybe not!!)
      Me too! They belong to a living being and almost seem to have a pulse. And I love how they simply look as well. I wish I could find more shed antlers around here but guess there aren’t many stags to shed them. I see one old man with a huge beautiful stand but only find little pieces laying around. I guess he needs them more than I do. 🙂

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