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April 19, 2016


Spring Vineyards Along with Surging Allergies

vineyard spring

Vineyard Spring & Daffodils

I haven’t been online. You may have noticed.
My reclusive nature extends to this medium. There are weeks, I find, when I do not look at a screen.
During this time I stay centered, something difficult to do with distractions at every turn.
My mind can’t filter all the mad impulses that beat down the door. They pulse in time with the pounding electrons and severely flare my tinnitus!

That gets old!
Thus you won’t find me during these trying times.

I also have not been well with duodenal ulcers{that scare the hell out of me!}, CFS/ME, asthma, MCS and accompanying stressors that go along with chronic illness. Depression. Brain fog…. I literally cannot string words together in an intelligent way.
Such is life.
So if  you’re still with me?

Away we go!

 I saw this bright yellow bunch of something in the vineyard from my bedroom window.
I didn’t know what it was. Certainly not the usual green growing things!

It had been saved by the vineyard workers thus wasn’t mustard. Mustard is actually considered a weed.
It’s picturesque as long as you don’t care if it impacts the growth of your grapes.

mustard in napa

In many Napa and some Sonoma vineyards, you see row upon row of mustard this time of year, as if they are farming the stuff.
I assure you they’re not. Sometimes native California poppies and blue lupines are also planted so they all bloom at about the same time. That combination is lovely, as you might imagine.

Mustard “looks” organic and is usually allowed to flourish for photos of wineries used in advertising and/or events. It can be horribly invasive and we fight it every spring! It’s a lot of work!

It’s not a native plant but was purportedly planted by early Catholic missionaries in California so they had a path to follow southward again.

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It is dangerous to let the public behind the scenes. They are easily disillusioned and they are angry with you,
for it was the illusion they loved.   
~ W. Somerset Maugham

Calla Lily

12 thoughts on “Spring Vineyards Along with Surging Allergies

  1. so good to see your posts again!! 🙂
    but I do, understand the need for R and R recovery mode when you have several chronic disorders clamoring all at once!!
    your photos are Lovely, full of Spring and fresh newness. I hope that as Spring continues, things smooth along! cheers, Debi

  2. Entirely understandable. I send hugs and support over the oceans. Beautiful photographs and I love the painting in the previous post! Take care. xx

  3. It’s pretty, whatever it is! Sorry the rake of bad stuff happening has kept you down. Hope you find some relief.

    • Thanks so much. I met with a new doctor today and he is very good so I am hopeful. Life is sometimes full of sunshine but we must have the clouds to bring much needed rain as well. I sit in the sun as often as I can. Take good care…

  4. I have been thinking of you especially lately. Take care, dear friend. I have often thought that difficult times allow us to see with more clarity what is important, what is beautiful. And your posts are truly exquisite…

  5. I haven’t seen you for a long time…lovely to see you now, again. Beautiful spring.

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