October 11, 2016


I Moved HERE! Country Woman Studio


L’Adelaide + Thunder with Cheerios

Gone Cowgirl Shopkeeper

The time has come to break down this country woman’s campsite, kick the embers aside, load my saddle bags onto my faithful steed, Thunder, along with his cheerios snacks. I’m off for greener pastures …. my very own website!!
*Country Woman Studio*


I’m up and running on my new site now.
Come watch me fumble along in my illiterate website building. It’s a thrill almost everyday I add something new or something else breaks.
What fun is that!? I’m already a bit nuts, so what is the best thing to do?
You guessed it!

My new site is here:

In fact, you can visit me and watch me fumble along in my crazy, OCD website-building illiteracy. What fun is that!?

Be sure and say hello so I can find out if I did that comment thingie right, OK?

Just a little crazy because I want my own online store!

Creating a website from scratch will try your  my sanity!  It won’t be fancy but it’s mine. This was my reasoning…. I want to make a store. That’s all…. I’ve tried sites that sell your art prints (NOT my original work) but you hardly make anything, they mark up the prices too high (shockingly) and they take a whole lot of it and help you exactly not at all.

The newest is they want HUGE photo files so they can make HUGE things with the images like duvet covers, shower curtains, list is very long. They are creative with the artists’ work. Trouble is the artist doesn’t make anything over the gross price of their lowly print.
Really? I don’t think so. And ArtSpan charges $200 a year for the privilege. Last year’s price….

I have original paintings available now as well as archival giclee prints and fine art photography from Farmer. I will matte them for you for a minimal amount. I will also be selling a few vintage items from our barns + surroundings! I will ship your treasures perfectly + you can return for a complete refund if you aren’t happy.  what?



Be the first to know + Subscribe!

PLEASE SIGN UP for my newsletter, SUBSCRIBE, etc.  Certainly you still want to be “The First to Know.”  I hope some of my artist friends might join me from time to time, to both blog and sell their work!  I can think of a dozen right now so start hiding!

As for the photography, Farmer is a photographer by hobby and captured some great photos of the ’16 harvest, the ranch at dawn, sunrise thru the fog (my particular fave) and that “great hole” of a farm pond.


I really had to get my rear in gear. Farming and this “getting old” thing isn’t for sissies! Not to mention the vines, aging car, pickup, paint job, work boots, hair highlights, holidaze (feeling Scroogy)!

Have I had a lot to learn? They say it keeps your brain limber. Mine can do yoga now. You simply need the ability to never sleep with an OCD bent.

I’ve spent about $200 including $59 for this very spiffy template “Tuulikki” and 3 year hosting, security, Google web fonts(600+), stats, etc., related posts and many goodies I can’t recall right now. Most importantly,  the ecommerce ability i.e. those

Do you know how impossibly difficult it is to have shopping carts on a website?!  Oh my… talk about security issues! But done! SHOPPING CARTS!!!!

Meaning you can use your credit card without fearing for your security, stealing or hacking.

I. Did. It.
Just a little proud of myself…


8 thoughts on “I Moved HERE! Country Woman Studio

  1. And so you should be incredibly proud of yourself! Well done. Popping over now. xx


  2. Congratulations! Way to go! Wishing you luck.

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  4. WAY to go Linda – looks great! Congratulations ~


  5. All the very best on your new adventure. I know you new space will be absolutely amazing.


  6. I tried to sign up – hopefully I’m in your mailing list.


  7. congrats! going over now!!


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