October 13, 2016


A Body + Code Falls Apart in Black + White + Color…

Hello dear readers…. I’m still on my template trek back to you. I’m close now, close enough to see the lights of your abode but poor Thunder. I ran out of Cheerios! He doesn’t mind marshmallow jack o’ lanterns from Sees Candy tho so we’re moving right along!


lovely shot of the vines at harvest


I hate to ask again but… Please try to leave a comment and/or subscribe over there–Country Woman Studio. The subscribe link should work and send you a confirmation.  I think I’ve fixed that too but cannot tell. It won’t let ME subscribe, I guess because I am the blogger causing all the problem!!

Apologies to my wonderful friends who did leave me comments on my cowgirl travelogue post. Or tried to subscribe. About half were successful from what you said in your comments. But I’m afraid they landed on the photography page.  I couldn’t figure out how to move them, but haven’t given up yet. As are those who know a whole lot more than I do. So they will show up if I have anything to say about it. They were in the right place and I replied to everyone… Imagine my surprise! 🙂

Bone Swept - watercolor pencil drawing

Bone Swept


I’m still working on this fabulous idea I had… a website with the freedom to sell my work. It’s taking me much much longer and of course, no paint is flowing along. Patience, my dear. I’ve got some help from the template designer that evidently, I need! Ya’ think?  In the meantime, I figured out quite a lot. Necessity is the mother of invention I suppose!

Some doodles that became much more. A repost that is just as relevant today. Telling the heart’s pain in colors piled upon one another. A ball of wet hue, a color illustration.

© country woman paints - heart soul

Painting is nothing more than bleeding on the canvas.  ~Andrew Hamilton

3 thoughts on “A Body + Code Falls Apart in Black + White + Color…

  1. your new site looks lovely. And yes I was able to subscribe, easy peasy!

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    • hey joss… i’ve been up all night with this thing so thanks for your quick response to my labors. i think i’ll enjoy it once i work out the kinks. they say it keeps the neurons firing to make things really really difficult to figure out mentally. i should be an absolute genius by now. and thank you fo signing up! xox

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