watercolor painting- Photography by ©CountryWomanPaints, L'Adelaide

About Me

Linda, A Country Woman who Paints

watercolor horses in ghostly fog
Ghost Horses Many, watercolor by Linda Scott

I am many things in my life.
An artist, a painter, seeker + meditator, photographer, fair-weather gardener, writer +  poet, grape grower, grandmother, farm dog lover, sky-watcher and English rose lover.

Eglantyne English rose

Watercolor & Gouache by Linda Scott
“Rancho Roblar”

My head and heart dwell both in the earth and the sky long before I tread this rocky road, seeking pots of color at rainbow’s end.
Always a healing place if willing to turn over stones and gathering gifts of feathers and bones on my way.

Color is my only muse in the alchemy of making art.

Nature is my deepest spring and healing power.

I am and am not, I do but don’t.
I know no other way to be in my world nor would I change many things.
Perhaps to dabble in gray clay.

A Story about gray clay.
Once on the beach with an art class of crones, I sat in the damp sand and massaged a cold hard lump of gray clay.
I learned much and very little from the artists that day as is so often the way.
I made a skull with a hole I slowly carved from outside in. A perfect reflection of Mind.
Organic, mark-making held my meanings within. I polished with stones for days.
My head has now vanished as is the way,
Gone back to the earth again.


I’ve learned one thing well~

Everything in this life is temporary. I hope to have loved well.

painting Matisse

I am constantly preoccupied with how to remove distance so that we can all come closer together, so that we can all begin to sense we are the same, we are one. 

David Hockney

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