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Sophie Beagle

Sweetie Beagley

Bella now has a partner in all her minor crimes!

And she is finally learning to bark since Sophie is a “talker” of mighty proportions. I’ve had talkers before with my doggies but Sophie definitely takes the cake in the “doggy-voice inflections” department.

Brings a smile just thinking about her ability to share her feelings with her whines, hoots and squeals. One day I’ll capture a recording to share here.


sophie beagle

teeny baby sophie on task


sophie the©

Sleeping Sophie


Bella talks with her eyes~Great Pyrenees Dog

Bella talks with her eyes~


Bella the Great Pyrenees-country woman paints©

Bella & me ~ Walkies!!!

 We love our sweet gentle giant of a Great Pyrenees puppy tho not really a pup anymore.

My grandkids think she’s pretty cool too. 🙂

boys and dogGrandsons #1 and #3


great pyrenees-Bella





13 thoughts on “Big & Little Farm Dogs We ♡

  1. welcome ioanna, what a lovely name you have. thank you for stopping by with a comment on my baby…big baby!! x


  2. Gorgeous girl! Will we be seeing more of her?


    1. oh yes! she is my yeti baby! 😉


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  4. Linda! I have missed you. When I came here just now, I wasn’t sure the blog was yours! You completely changed the format. I like it very much. For some odd reason, you disappeared from my reader. I must sign for email notices. I love Bella on sight. 🙂


    1. hi george and i am so glad to have connected with you again. i hadn’t seen you in my reader either but you aren’t posting as often as me so don’t know what’s up with that. yes, i muck around with the looks of it when bored and need the rush of cortisol from fear i have completely brought the entire thing down. 🙂 bella is a dear…everybody needs one. xoxo


  5. burgessart says:

    What a beautiful loving animal!!!!!!


    1. L`Adelaide says:

      well, than you so much! she certainly is!


  6. Dr Bill says:

    What a beautiful big girl. We have Newfoundlands and an English Mastiff. Thanks for a great post


    1. ĽAdelaide says:

      oh my, you have your hands.. AND ARMS.. full! but it’s so much fun! we are already considering another but for she’s such a big baby,I think she’s not ready to take a backseat! 🙂


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