Fabulous Blogs

tea and peter rabbit tea pot

Peter Rabbit, Tea and Me ~ Morning Rituals

The blogs I read regularly are found under the headings:
Read Them!
These are “posts” I’ve enjoyed today from blogs, usually, from my reader.

Then there’s
My Commenters’ Blogs

These blogs belong to those who’ve left me recent comments on my posts and/or are personal friends I’ve met primarily through my years of blogging. I started musing online in 2007 so there’s a handful of lovely people I’ve found a connection with along the way.
A profound, lovely blessing.

To find my faves, just look at the bottom of this page in the blog footer.

My favorite POST list is updated almost daily thus keeps evolving.
I find favorite blogs and constantly discover new ones
thru links, references, comments or just by happening upon another great read!

I also meet wonderful bloggers by their visits here to my blog.

Please visit them!

You will enjoy your meanderings and probably need more than one cuppa!

This list continually evolves, changes, grows.
Please check back often!

weeds/native grasses-sonoma county

field weeds


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Blogs

  1. Yes, I am a nosy Nellie! There’s a button, I wanna push it. LOL There’s a link, I wanna go there!! 😉

    And I’ve decided IF you’re willing to make mine coffee–I’d LOVE some!
    k…but how cool is that teapot!! 🙂


    • hey mel!!!
      lovely surprise and one that i never tire of so keep it up…come often and play. why else blog? and coffee is always here with my french press and loads of it in the freezer for those times when only coffee will do. i love the stuff but it doesn’t like me!xx oh and glad you like my old PR teapot…and old it is about 30 years but still makes a great cuppa. xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

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