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branch acrylic on canvas

November 6, 2014


Painting My Within and Without

I cannot avoid PAIN if using my computer, no matter what, where or how I place it. Ergonomics be damned. Today a new DESKTOP Mac arrived… We shall see. Farmer is happy! For now… I’m back to old-fashioned books and reading, painting, resting, fall gardening chores, meditating, pondering, walking… lots of walking! Seems, like it […]

Claude Renoir, youngest son as child

July 13, 2014


French Impressionist Painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir ~ Short Film in Studio

renoir arthritis+paintingFrench impressionist painter Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) painted despite partial paralysis and cruel rheumatoid arthritis until the end of his life. Painting with his brushes taped to his crippled hand, especially moves me. To the end of his life, Renoir’s three sons helped their ill father, who was wheelchair-bound later in life. His children often helped him in his painting, posing for him from the time they were small and later as he grew more disabled, binding his brush to his arthritic hand and with his paints, brushes and palette. Renoir’s wife passed away a few years before his death.

From an NPR interview linked here…

Boscobel~Austin rose

June 26, 2014


Watercolor Wednesday is Thursday, My Time

Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved. Apologies. This little watercolor didn’t get posted quite in time for Wednesday but Thursday will do. I’ve been feeling  pain that clings to me. There is something soulless about pain. So dampening to the heart. I find that when I’m in dark places, I have little to say here. […]