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May 26, 2016


Stepped Away..

“Moon Woman Message” watercolor and pencil-11″x15″ Seems I’ve been gone awhile. Words no longer stream from my brain. The details are distractions. This small drawing illustrates “Every body falls apart” If you think not, you are disarmed by deceptive thinking. You will not last forever in that skin bag you might hold so dear. Next […]


March 13, 2014


“The Man who Planted Trees” Short Film 1987

The Man who Planted Trees 1987

This is an utterly charming and inspiring animation based on an allegorical story by the French author Jean Giono, which was published in 1953.
The Man Who Planted Trees or L’homme qui plantait des arbres, was made into a short film by Frédéric Back in 1987 and won several awards including the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.
My gratitude to Sarah at First Night Designs for sharing this for otherwise I’d have never found this little gem!
And then could not have shared it with you…
Love, Sunshine and Trees I wish for you this spring day~