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November 29, 2014



Tomorrow we hope rain blows in. However the signs a storm is offshore aren’t. No wind blowing and too cold for rain. Fog, yes, rain, no. Drought

June 6, 2014


Fat Pink Sheep on a Beach

pink-sheep-watercolorThis painting did not start out as pink sheep on a beach!
It was splashes of water and paint on white paper.
I’d had a vague dream of a beach and the color had remained in my mind.

Painting with watercolor is always, by it’s essence, a mystery.
It forces the artist to let go of attachments to a specific outcome.
A good thing.

barn roof lost

May 27, 2014


Meet the Cow Inseminator ~

ladelaide goes to town-ephemera

A very long time ago, in a land far far away,
Linda, a beautiful blond city girl who cares too much about fashion
and really doesn’t know what she’s getting into,
marries a lucky cattle rancher,
who doesn’t know either.

Some years later, as the lucky rancher leaves to check the cows one morning, he says to his wife as she is slowly rendering lard from a pig’s head…

fog+big tree

January 9, 2013


Hot Air Balloon Crashes into Rabid Cow Herd

photo yellow hot air balloon in blue skyYou begin to regret spending $2000{?} for your balloon ride as gale force winds force a crash-landing into the rocky hillside. The bellowing black beasts seem hellbent on eating you. You’ll have to wait in anticipation. It’s an unknown until your wicker basket hits the ground, dumping you at the edge of a ravine as cows happily cavort after you rolling over the cliff’s edge. Are rabid cows possible?