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September 8, 2015

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The Air We Breathe

Tho the California fires have diminished in strength and size{knock wood}, the air quality remains subpar. It has become a continual problem, especially when the temperatures climb over 90 degrees. Since it’s been hot for several days, the pollutants hang in the air.

Flower Pots

September 4, 2014


Drought and Flowers

Not a pretty sight. Smog pressing down into the valley from a stubbornly stuck inversion layer. It does make a pretty sunset! My problem is I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities{MCS}. I also have asthma and Mast Cell Activation Disorader as a result of the sensitivities. I’m especially sensitive to VOC’s and air pollution caused by […]

ladelaide sick

July 3, 2013


Heat Wave Dramas

oak in sunset The courtyard flowers have mostly all fried.
This hanging flower basket is from last year but if it hadn’t been for this heat wave {that encompasses ALL of the southwest US even though I live in northern California, the sun doesn’t care}, maybe I’d have a few flowers left.
Now there’s a large fire burning in the East Bay.
The yellow pall started to build in the valley today.