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spring oranges

April 14, 2015


One Weird Hail Storm

veggies in ice
We hear of so many supposed rain storms that are approaching our area of parched California, we hardly pay attention now. I guess a good gully washer would be “News” if it were to actually happen but nothing of the sort has happened since fall 2014. It is another blog post but I don’t know where to begin to tell my story here on the ranch…


Rain Drenching in Northern California!

Yesterday afternoon we finally had a drenching of rain in our drought-ridden landscape here in Northern California. There had been the rumble of very unusual thunder, blustery dark clouds, billowing white clouds and occasional HUGE drops of rain. As luck would have it, farmer and I {and the dogs…} were trying to take down the “Blue Whale Pool” for winter at the time. With Sophie, we had lots of extra helping paws!

"Peace" rose

May 17, 2014


I’ve Come to Talk with You Again

Flower plans
My hands are feeling better and I’m even planning to pot up a few of these lovelies this weekend! The weather in my neck of the Golden State(California) has been very hot but tonight blessed fog is rolling over the hills and into the valley, cooling down the hills, valleys and us.