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My Neighbor is Always Hungry

I can hear the “Ahhhhh”‘s from those of you who aren’t acquainted with my hungry neighbor. I know what you might be thinking. But alas, he is greedy, pushy and tenacious. He is sneaky and clever as he clears a 6 foot DEER fence with a single leap. Standing on a downhill slope. For those […]

Mallard Duck with Babies

May 10, 2015


Returning to the Watering Hole

Mallard Duck with Babies
The mallards and geese returned awhile ago now. In fact, because the weather has been so mild, they didn’t really go anywhere for the most part. I didn’t see any flight formations heading south.
I think we ARE south now…. I am not sure that’s a good thing!

April 19, 2015


Casein Painting of the Meadow Deer

Stephen Quiller, casein + acrylic

This painting is a little diversion into casein. Casein is a water-based paint and contains casein, the protein in milk. You can read more about it here. As you might expect it has a lovely creaminess and is very versatile for creating effects one cannot do with watercolor or gouache.{at least I can’t!}

deer in the courtyard watercolor-countrywomanpaints©

June 30, 2014


Fawn at My Backdoor

fawn at my back door
I was distracted and irritated. BUSY.
Struggling with the fruitless task of forcing a long desk to fit into the mud room at the foot of the stairs leading up to my studio. Frustrated and tired, I glanced outside to the fields beyond. There lay sleeping a not-so-little fawn right outside the backdoor.