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August 28, 2014


Sometimes the Earth Moves… Such Fun

earth explodes

earth explodes

I am here, waking up but not yet sleeping. A long week of family and all that means to my heart, kept within for now.

My gratitude to those who’ve enquired of our earth quaking beneath our beds on Sunday morning. It was quite a jolt!

Shouting, barking, chaos and flashes of blue light ensued along with that sound only our moving earth can make!
Everyone but one, {who needs his ears checked}, making their way to the great room, the chandelier swinging a 45 degree twirling dance for another 20 minutes. Continue Reading~

Animal House watercolor painting

August 9, 2014


Vacation in The Backyard

Kids' Spy Rock ©countrywomanpaints

Kids’ Plane Spot Rock

YAY! August is family time at our house.

Our grown kids and our grand kids are coming to stay, play, hike, nap, swing, swim, giggle and squabble and eat, eat, eat!


August 5, 2013 ~ kids {missing one here} are a little bigger this year.

This year there’s to be a giant 18’x10’x4′ “wading” pool for grups, kids and likely, a bossy little beagle, to swim around in. It’s still a “portable” {2 strong men!} pool but this one sports a solar blanket and a salt-water filter so all those blonds {and the pool water!} won’t turn green.

One too many years with our previous wading pool {and whole roll of duct tape for leaks}, left inevitable squabbles about kicks and/or splashes in the face between our long, lean grandkids. After all, two are almost as tall as I am. A whole 63 inches!

They need just a bit more room and I’m not about to put in a REAL swimming pool. Nay, too much work, chemicals and $$$$$ for the farmer and the farmer’s wife!
However it’s not UP yet… We shall see.
The old one is still in the barn if need be but I know someone who won’t be very happy to see it!

And there’s the building of a couple more swings, a hammock, a climbing rope{today’s agenda}  and, last but not least,  figuring out where everyone is sleeping. {and eating… sigh}

Continue Reading~

deer and bird at dawn

August 8, 2014


Gouache Deer

deer gouache + watercolor

Deer in Tree

Gouache + Watercolor, £140 Cold-pressed Lanaquarelle 8″sq.

I see a lot of deer this time of year!

Sophie thinks they’re big enough to warrant a barking barrage. She has them completely believing she’s a formidable opponent!

In order to make progress, there is only nature, and the eye is turned through contact with her.

~Paul Cezanne

fawn at backdoor - countrywomanpaints©

August 2, 2014


Wallpaper ~ Mudroom Surprise

Wallpaper in Mudroom

Back wall wallpapered

Recently I promised to share the mudroom we finally finished. {10 years later!!}
This is where that sweet little buck bedded down til he found his friends!

Now they’re all up by the oaks around the barn, no longer IN the barn!


red door + deer head - countrywomanpaints©

Red door + deer head

This is the perfect spot to hang my little wooden deer head with his sky blue antlers and crystal eyes!


Wallpaper mural closeup of favorite red shoes

Wallpaper mural closeup of favorite red shoes

I adore these red shoes! Don’t you?


There’s More so Keep Reading!

talavera bull

July 28, 2014


Very Big Snake~Surprise!

courtyard tree roses

Courtyard Garden

I was out pruning roses and planting flowers in the empty pots when I noticed something moving up the wall in the opposite corner of the courtyard.

{in the above photo, she’s on the opposite rack in the corner at bottom left.}

I’m used to snakes surprising me but always keep an eye open for them.

They’re harmless and help keep the ridiculous rodent populations down but still, a gopher snake this big gives me pause! My husband almost ran into the house but he rather dislikes snakes.

He’s also dealt with
many more rattlers and they should make one run away!


snake climber

Yes, she’s climbing up the wall.

I couldn’t fit the whole snake into the photo because she’s about 54″ long! I wondered how long she could hang there, bouncing on the wall. The branch in front isn’t holding her up. Wait! There’s more!


July 24, 2014


Silence… And Flowers


mourning grandmother

Eventually words will return to me. They always do.

For now I leave you with the image of a weeping grandmother that deeply touched me….

I cannot imagine the losses that have been suffered across the world in recent days.




Were I to lose any of my family in a senseless act of violence?

It is unfathomable….



my rose petal offerings ~

Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.



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