April 26, 2015


Seraphine de Senlis, Visionary Artist


Seraphine de Senlis, Visionary Artist



Rarely do I turn to movies as entertainment. If so… I want the beautiful, the different, the real.


“Seraphine” is a French movie of wonderfully lush length that held me {and will hold you} transfixed the entire time.

Seraphine-Tree of Life

Seraphine-Tree of Life {up close}

You will not be disappointed in this biography of a compelling artist creating amazingly spiritual art in the most degrading and pitiful of circumstances.

How fortunate we are (if you are reading this, you are fortunate…) to have free time and materials to do what we desire without the need to, not only find our bread but buy our bread with little to no resources. Yet despite darkness and misery, she was driven to create masterpieces in bold color, immense scale and insight.

Seraphine Louis (1864-1942) or “Seraphine de Senlis” was an artist during a time when women, especially impoverished women, never became “serious” artists. Given a generous benefactor, she was compelled to created soaring, lush paintings, some over two meters high. She painted at night and in secret, making paint with diverse ingredients like flowers, blood and candle wax. Much about her process she never divulged. 

She was illiterate and, in her later years, benefactor long ago departed, she was committed to an insane asylum, where she died alone and penniless.

To this day, much of her handmade paints are a mystery, containing such unlikely ingredients as candle wax, ashes, animal fat and blood. There is something of the sacred in her art known only to her yet somehow sensed by the viewer.

Rent this inspiring movie about a remarkable visionary.
Her story is both uplifting and heartbreaking.

Below are a few of her beautiful paintings and a second trailer of the movie ~


Tree of Life




Please read the history of this fascinating woman and artist here.

L’Adelaide, ©CountryWomanPaints.
All rights reserved.

Dirty Turkey

April 21, 2015


Good Bye to Spring Flowers

What can we do but keep on breathing in and out, modest and willing, and in our places? ~Mary Oliver

gate to field beyond

gate to field beyond

 Spring is such a lovely time of year in my spot on our small blue planet. We aren’t into summer yet tho our days are warming. The early spring wildflowers have passed and already the fields are alive with California poppies, lupine, pea, buttercups and others too numerous to remember their names! {If I knew them…}

summer oranges

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meadow deer in casein

April 19, 2015


Casein Painting of the Meadow Deer

meadow deer in casein

Sunset Deer

This painting is a little diversion into casein.
Casein is water based paint and contains casein, the protein in milk. You can read more about it here.

 As you might expect it has a lovely creaminess and is very versatile for creating effects one cannot possible do with watercolor or gouache.{at least I can’t!}

I based this painting on the photo below.
I may paint another now that I’ve discovered how much I love casein.
I love the transparency of casein but also realize now that to paint over the top of a painting with a hazy sort of wash, the painting must be mostly done and completely set, that takes several days.

My poor little deer are not the color of chocolate but I was finished with the painting as far as they went!!
Better to give it another try, another time.

deer sunset

Deer sunset

The deer show up most spring and summer evenings to graze in the meadow above the vineyard.
The light is magical at the right time in the golden slant of the sun’s rays.
It’s almost a lavender light that I thought might work with casein.
That lavender light lasts about 5 minutes so one must move faster than painting would allow so I’ve taken photos and pushed it a little to the purple to give me a bit more of it.

Casein is a lovely medium to use and quite easy to use as well.
Much easier than acrylic because it dries more slowly and is more opaque than both watercolor and acrylic.
This painting has a transparent acrylic underpainting. Lots of orange and pink under the blues…

A good book on all watermedia, watercolor, gouache, casein, and acrylic, is by Stephen Quiller, the master of the medium. You can find it here.

Stephen Quiller, casein + acrylic

Stephen Quiller, casein + acrylic

Color is the most emotional element that we, as painters, have. And if it is used well, color can go a long way toward expressing an artist’s intention or enhancing a mood.
~Stephen Quiller

Art, Photography and Text by L’Adelaide, ©CountryWomanPaints. All rights reserved.

deer in the courtyard watercolor-countrywomanpaints©

April 15, 2015


Animal Farm

deer in the courtyard watercolor-countrywomanpaints©

deer visits

With great stealth, he checks out the place… A scenario that keeps repeating itself.
Deer, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, reptiles and rodents alike; they all have their beady eyes on my hard-earned flowers!


Snake in Rocker

Snake in Rocker

I am not Dr. Doolittle or St. Francine of Assisi and these creatures are asking too much and getting just a little too familiar! I am an animal lover as long as they don’t overextend their welcome, scare me as I’m enjoying my cuppa in my rocking chair or invite themselves into the house and poop all over everything…

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spring oranges

April 14, 2015


One Weird Hail Storm

Mile High Clouds

Mile High Clouds

We hear of so many supposed rain storms that are approaching our area of parched California, we hardly pay attention now. I guess a good gully washer would be “News” if it were to actually happen but nothing of the sort has happened since fall 2014.  It is another blog post but I don’t know where to begin to tell the story of the ranch…

This freak storm happened several days ago. Time flies during recovering from losing a couple more molars amongst other things. I’m fine, lovies.


See Crazy Weather Below

a boy and the sea

April 10, 2015


Moving Right Along…

It was delightful having our oldest grandson visit all by himself.
As you can see, he’s having some downtime here. AND we got lots done!!
He now can not only operate the tractor and it’s many shifts and pedals but he can drive his aunt’s car {in the field}.
All “country kids” know how to drive by the time they’re 12!

Immediately after he left for home, I needed more oral surgery thus my silence here…
One of these days this persistent root canal nuisance will be behind me.
I may be toothless {temporarily} but let’s not sweat the small stuff!!

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”   

~Rabindranath Tagore

Art, Photography and Text by L’Adelaide, ©CountryWomanPaints. All rights reserved.


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